Counting down to the blessings of autumn

Ellen Emery

Today has been designated as National Thank You Day.

I have learned in recent years that each day has been designated with multiple events to be celebrated.

Later this month there is even a National Coffee Day — which will be celebrated by this columnist.

Although I had never heard of National Thank you Day before, I knew when I read about this designation this was a day that should be celebrated.

“Gratitude is the best attitude” I read in one description of this national holiday.

I agree completely.

I am sure you were raised like I was to always express your thanks for any kindness done.

This year as in no other with so many always going the extra mile to make our world safe and lend a helping hand, there is a need to express our appreciation.

There are so many ways we can express thanks — just by saying those two simple words “thank you.”

Speaking words of thanks today can be tricky through a mask. If saying “thanks,” look up and smile so you can make sure the recipient of your appreciation has heard your spoken words.

We can also send a gift — nothing big, but a gift given from the heart as an expression of our appreciation always indicates our thanks.

It has been suggested that we make a card to express our thanks, but I have actually found “thank you” cards and notes in our local stores ready for sharing — cards can even be purchased in our local post offices.

We can also write a handwritten note of thanks.

There are so many who make my life so much better each day.

On Monday, I was grateful for the clerk at the Price Chopper cash register who wiped down the conveyor belt between each use.

How very grateful I was, too, for the gentleman behind the counter in the seafood department at Price Chopper.

My apologies but I do not know this man’s name; he wears a Metallica mask, which brought joy.

Metallica would not be on my play list with Bach, Michael Bublé and Elvis, but I was delighted this gentleman enjoyed music as well.

His kindness in preparing my order of salmon for our dinner made my day a very good one.

This gentleman is so positive speaking about the weather and salmon consumption.

My thanks to the gentleman behind the seafood counter at Price Chopper this week.

I would urge you to make sure to express your thanks today for each one who has lent a helping hand and made your life a bit better.

Let’s not limit our thankfulness, though, to Sept. 15.

Perhaps we could make a goal for the remainder of 2021 to express our thanks perhaps three times each day.

I know there must be at least that many opportunities to say “thank you” in any given day.

My thanks today for my editor who reads, proofreads and places this column on the page and online; thanks for the newspaper carrier who makes sure those wishing to read with a newspaper in hand has one in the store on North Main Street or at Speedway or Western Door and in the newspaper tube at the end of our driveway; and a huge “Thank You” to each of you who read this column each week — and to the many who “visit” by email, a handwritten note or a comment when our paths cross after reading on a Wednesday morning.

How that touches my heart.


My warmest birthday wishes are sent to Tammy Artus at the Moira post office on Tuesday.

What an extraordinary young woman.

Tammy is so kind, caring and extremely helpful.

Tammy is the postal clerk who has taken time to explain how to mail newsletters and packages successfully.

She has explained so carefully how to mail packages to my granddaughter at college in Virginia or at home within New York state and our grandson in Connecticut.

She has explained time and again the difference between priority mail and flat rate prices.

I am most grateful for her assistance in mailing packages to servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq, including detailed instructions on APO mailing and custom vouchers.

And when I had books to mail to Africa, it was Tammy who walked me through that book mailing successfully.

Tammy also has been the first to share new stamps available — especially coffee stamps that she knew I would be delighted to use.

My warmest wishes, Tammy.

Enjoy your day with only the easiest of mailings and sorting to deal with.

My heartfelt thanks for all you have done to help me, lend assistance to so many others and always be there with a kind word and a donut and coffee.

Happy Birthday!

Have a great day.


A huge “Thank You” to everyone at McDonald’s near St. Lawrence Centre in Massena.

I don’t know if each one realized how much their efforts on a Wednesday morning made my day a very good one.

There was a routine annual doctor’s visit last week — with fasting blood work.

With any fasting blood work, a stop at McDonald’s for breakfast is always a plus.

(I would ask that you please don’t tell our doctor — I am sure it wouldn’t be on a heart healthy diet and definitely wouldn’t fall into a positive for low cholesterol!)

I know McDonald’s ends its breakfast menu at 10:30 and was concerned about being able to enjoy a breakfast and coffee at that point.

Since we haven’t ventured into restaurants as yet, a drive-thru breakfast from McDonald’s was the only place to stop.

If we didn’t make breakfast, it was a stop at home for lunch!

We arrived at the drive-thru window perhaps at 10:28 or even 10:29.

The Chauffeur asked if they were still serving breakfast.

They were!

The voice of the woman behind the speaker made me smile.

With breakfast served at 10:30, my day was a very good one.

My thanks to each one who prepared the food, took our order and was so pleasant in passing our order through the window that morning.

Yes, you did literally make my day!

And for that I am most grateful.


“It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.”

— David Steinall-Rast

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