Lighting up the holidays — just what the doctors ordered

Ellen Emery

For the past few years, we have enjoyed watching a television program featuring homes throughout the country with amazing light shows for Christmas.

Each home featured is decorated with lights that shine to the music of the Christmas season. This year, we will be able to enjoy a local light show — live!

The Spectacular Light Show will take place this Friday evening at North Country Adult Medicine, the offices of Drs. Joanne and Neil Cichetti. The office building is at 38 Hospital Drive in Massena (the very end of Hospital Drive).

This local light show is scheduled for the three Fridays leading up to Christmas: Dec. 6, 13 and 20. Each show will be held from 6 to 9 p.m.

The announcement of this light show in Massena tells those interested that Santa even plans to make an appearance on Dec. 6. What fun!

Visitors are even invited into the North Country Adult Medicine Office (which is always decorated so beautifully for each season celebrated). I have read that the office will feature a display of Dickins village houses.

I look forward to Friday when we have the opportunity to see the Spectacular Light Show in Massena.


Our neighbors Carole and Ken Smallman will celebrate their wedding anniversary Tuesday. I have mentioned this couple’s kindness before in this column. It is such a joy to live in a neighborhood where each one cares for one another, welcomes them into their home, watches out for one another and, on occasion, shares a stray kitten that has come into their home with the neighbor across the road.

I will never forget the image of Carole and Ken and their son Jason during the ice storm 20 years ago. We have a fireplace. And during the ice storm, it was a fire in the fireplace that was keeping us warm. Carole and Ken had wood but were not using that for fuel.

We looked out our back door, and there members of the Smallman family stood — they had braved the elements and literally skated across the road, walking gingerly to our back door. Their arms were filled with cut wood for burning.

What caring neighbors! And for that I am truly grateful.

My warmest wishes to you both for a terrific day Tuesday celebrating the anniversary of your marriage — and only the best to celebrate in the year ahead.


My thanks this week to Edward in the seafood department at Price Chopper. The past few times I have stopped for my salmon purchase, Edward has been most helpful. When I stopped on Monday, Edward was behind the counter. How pleasant and welcoming he was.

When I stopped at the seafood counter, Edward was working near the rear of the area behind the counter. He immediately spoke to me, greeting me and explaining he would be with me in a few minutes. I was so impressed that this terrific young man took the time to look up, say hello and explain.

As he came to the counter, I shared my salmon order. And Edward remembered my order from my last visit!

He literally made my day with his comments, actually remembering to the ounce what my order had been the previous visit. He prepared my order exactly as I had requested.

He was so pleasant and helpful. And for that I am most grateful.

Isn’t the north country a marvelous place to live and shop on a Monday morning? I certainly think so.


My thanks this week for kind assistance from Brandon at Atomic Place in the Speedway Plaza. There were a number of projects I had to deal with on Saturday, and all of them were in Massena.

There had been discussion with friends that afternoon about Black Friday and shopping. We had all decided at that point we wouldn’t attempt shopping that day.

As I drove home, though, I realized I needed a few items in order to make our dinner complete. One item was a necessity if I was going to make dinner at home that evening.

These thoughts came to me as I was nearing home, so I decided to stop at the Speedway Plaza to see what I might find. There were two items I needed: one was found in the Speedway convenience store.

When I was unable to find another item, I decided to try Atomic Place. Brandon was so helpful and kind. He made sure I had everything I needed so I could prepare my supper, which was delicious — thanks to this terrific young man’s kind assistance.

I am so grateful to live in a neighborhood where everyone is so helpful and kind. My heartfelt thanks to Brandon on a Saturday afternoon.


“Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people’s lives regardless of the weather.”

— RAKtivist

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