Potsdam resident Glenn Seymour is featured in a nationally published magazine. The November 2019 issue of Hemmings Classic Car features vehicles listed as “barn finds.”

One of the classic cars in this article is a 1954 Kaiser Darrin, which is owned by Glenn Seymour. The article not only describes Glenn’s barn find but also pictures the car in a colored photo.

The magazine article is a special section and features what is described as “Barn Finds — Diamonds in the Dust.” The Clockman also enjoys classic cars and subscribes to this magazine.

We were both fascinated to see a familiar name in this article. This week I called Glenn to see if I could share his national recognition.

Glenn shared the entire story of this 1954 Kaiser Darrin with me as we visited. He described his connections with this car, telling me that it was the first American production of a sports car.

There were 435 of these cars made with only 50 of them red in color. Glenn’s Kaiser Darrin is red, with Glenn adding that his car is “one of the original” Kaiser Darrins.

In 1963 at a family gathering when this gentleman was only 11 years old, he knew Ray LaBar, the previous owner of the car. Mr. LaBar worked for the Kaiser garage, Glenn said, as he told me how Mr. LaBar had driven the car to the Kaiser dealership in Potsdam from Michigan. When the car didn’t sell locally, Mr. LaBar purchased it.

Each of his eight classic cars has been “lifetime searches,” Glenn explained as he continued to share the store of the featured car. “I chased it until 2012. … It was still in the same cellar,” Glenn told me as he described his barn find.

As we continued to visit, Glenn described the story of a 1935 Ford and an Overland he also owns. “Every one (of his cars) has a story,” he said, adding each has a story connected with memories. With each car and each story shared, Glenn hopes that local history will also be preserved.

Glenn described himself as a car fanatic with motor oil running through his veins. He is the former owner of the Seymour Funeral Home in Potsdam and is employed by the Donaldson Seymour Funeral Home.

It was impressive to see a familiar name of a local man in a national publication. My thanks to Glenn for visiting — I found the stories about the search for each car and the car itself most interesting.

I hope that Glenn will preserve the stories of his cars in book form someday. What a marvelous way to preserve a bit of local history — through a local man’s car search and classic car collection.


My warmest birthday wishes are sent this week to Dan Henry. Dan will celebrate 95 years of life on Sunday. What a fine gentleman, a marvelous husband and father and grandfather and, I believe, great-grandfather — a veteran, builder, pilot, amazing movie producer and excellent brewer of coffee.

It was in October 2013 when I first heard about a gentleman from Massena named Dan Henry. I was at a function on a Sunday noontime, and there were cupcakes celebrating this extraordinary man’s birthday. On that day, I didn’t have the opportunity to even meet the birthday celebrant.

As I listened to the accolades that day of this man’s family and friends and each one who knew him well, I knew Dan Henry was someone I wanted to meet. I wished him a wonderful birthday in this column. His lovely daughter Shelia Mockery and her husband, Greg, made sure I met Dan Henry.

We met for coffee at the Henry home. What a marvelous time I had as I visited with this delightful, caring family.

Dan has taken home movies over the years. And he has recently transferred those movies to DVDs, complete with the most marvelous narration.

I had the privilege of watching movies of life in Massena and with the Henry family as they traveled for Honor Flights. Our friendship grew, and I treasure visits over coffee at the Henry home with Sheila and Greg (Sheila makes the most delicious pie!) and mutual friends.

Happy Birthday, Dan! My very best wishes are sent your way for only the best as you celebrate Sunday. Hopefully, there will be a visit with you and your family over coffee to celebrate this very special birthday.


There was a stop at Big Lots in Harte Haven on Sunday. As I was leaving the store, a woman entering smiled and said “Hello.” There was a hug as we greeted each other.

The woman was Michelle, whom I had known from Hannaford grocery store here in Massena. What a joy it was to see this lovely woman again — I have missed her smile and friendly greetings as I would pass by her in the aisles. Michelle also was most helpful when she would take my order in the Hannaford bakery.

The north country is certainly a marvelous place to live and shop where store employees become friends — and remember customers and always greet one another in friendship. My heartfelt thanks to Michelle for remembering and stopping to exchange the warmest of greetings. What a joy!


For those of you who have asked, my brother-in-law in California received his New York maple syrup. I got a terrific photo of him enjoying the maple syrup from Waddington (and purchased at North Country Showcase) with the blueberry pancakes my sister had made for breakfast. My thanks to postal clerk Tammy at the Hogansburg post office for assisting with the packaging process and mailing — no maple syrup was spilled in this mailing across the country.


“Just imagine how different the world could be if we all spoke to everyone with respect and kindness.”

— Holly Branson

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