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Ellen Emery

The technology that is available today is truly remarkable.

I am always amazed about the connections available through the phone my granddaughter and eldest son made me purchase a few years ago.

Yes, I actually had a flip phone that made my necessary calls.

There was a trip to Massena during a family visit.

They actually made me purchase the new phone with the capability to text, take pictures, visit our grandchildren via FaceTime (which I love) and make contacts with friends now throughout the world.

I have mentioned the marvelous connections that have been made in recent weeks with dear friends in Bangladesh and India, family in New York City and California, and family traveling, too.

I love having the capabilities of taking a picture of snow at our home on a Monday morning and sharing it with family in warmer climates.

The past few days there have been numerous “bings” coming from my phone (this “bing” is different than the “ping” I mentioned last week).

I looked at my phone when I was called to it by the “bing.”

The bar on my screen showed a photo and a date and told me “You have a new memory!”

The “new memory” that had been created by my phone technology was a replaying of a trip to see family.

Although we had a wonderful time in 2018 when this memory was originally created, I look at new memories as what is happening at the present time.

I am grateful for this phone, which keeps me so connected and does so much with contacts kept and calling capabilities.

But I honestly would like to create my own memories.

My memories are a bit different now.

They will involve texts from my granddaughter on a Sunday evening, telephone calls from our sons, a kind and helpful call with Carrie at Gray’s Fuels, the kindness shared by a Walmart clerk at the pickup stop at the side of the store in Massena and a smile and wave across the room from behind a mask.

I will use my phone to record my new memories.

But that is one feature I hope the phone will leave to my own creation.


Leona Cook will celebrate her birthday Monday.

What a remarkable woman.

I think this is a marvelous milestone celebration this year.

My warmest wishes, Leona.

Have a wonderful birthday.


In recent weeks there have been a number of organizations that have held “drive-through” sales.

I know of two cabbage roll sales that have been held.

What a marvelous opportunity to enjoy a special meal and something you enjoy and look forward to each fall.

There was a turkey dinner Saturday at the First United Methodist Church on Main Street.

It was advertised as a drive-through turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

I cook a turkey from time to time.

But with only two of us now at home, I honestly don’t prepare mashed potatoes (always a favorite), gravy or dressing!

I placed my order.

And on Saturday, we literally drove by the Fellowship Hall doorway — in line with the other cars stopping for their dinners.

Our dinner was in readiness.

It was delicious: turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, gravy, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce and homemade pie for dessert.

What a joy!

And it was great fun to see masked friends and visit for just a moment — at a distance.

And we never left our car.

My heartfelt thanks to the people from each church who has prepared meals to raise money for their needs (including the community meal) and provided each of us with the marvelous opportunity of enjoying a complete home cooked dinner (or homemade cabbage rolls) at home.

I have circled Saturday’s date and look forward to the Rotary Club’s drive-through pancake breakfast.

What fun!


The sunrises at our home have been spectacular.

After a dusting of snow Monday, the sunlight was beautiful.

Our son Gregg, who lives in New York City, sent a video Sunday evening as he left the studio at Governor’s Island where he had been painting (where he is now an artist-in-residence).

His ride home is by ferry, and the sunset with the Statue of Liberty in the background was breathtaking.

A friend even shared the beauty of her sunrise by email Sunday.

I agree with the television reporter who was detailing possible gifts to purchase that light therapy is needed and enhances our lives.

As I sit with my coffee in the morning, I find peace and strength in seeing the sunrise out our front window.

The reporter was promoting the purchase of a glow lamp.

You can hold in your hand, and it will automatically turn on.

She made the statement that this light was “meant to mimic the sunrise and sunset.”

I would hate to disagree with a professional, but I don’t think any handheld, manmade light could even compare to a sunrise or sunset on the horizon.

I think that is one item I will not place on my Christmas list this year.


Everyone seems excited about the time change.

With the end of daylight saving time, we gained an hour of sleep Sunday morning.

No one has explained this change successfully to our feline friend Tigger, though.

Tigger usually eats his supper at 4 p.m.; he never comes near when I type at our main computer in our dining room.

Monday afternoon at about 3 p.m., I was working to share my thoughts with all of you as I typed at the computer.

I had notes on scraps of paper beside me.

Tigger arrived.

He never jumps on the counter and rarely comes near me when I type.

On occasion he rests in a chair beside me.

On Monday, though, he decided to push my papers on the floor.

He chewed and tore one of the papers that was near my computer.

And then he reached over and actually chewed on the corner of my computer and hit my keyboard with his paws.

The Gardner was nearby and knew immediately what the problem was.

He calmly told me that he thought Tigger wanted his supper!

It was on his clock, suppertime.

I fed our starving cat (he enjoys treats all day and is far from starving!) and was happy.

I am still typing and he has left the room.

His time hasn’t changed at all.


“No act of kindness is ever wasted.”

— Aesop

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