What fun National Coffee Day was this year.

I actually received a Coffee Day greeting card from friends.

The card was not designed to be for this special day, but the senders were creative and adjusted words to send me warm wishes on National Coffee Day!

There were emails sent with greetings for the day, telephone calls and remembrances of earlier visits over coffee.

On a morning news broadcast this weekend, a story about coffee consumption and the NBA fascinated me.

Viewers were told that Jimmy Butler, a member of the Miami Heat, had become a coffee barista while in a “bubble” for basketball during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It seems the players were not completely pleased with the coffee provided in their “bubble,” so Mr. Butler decided he would brew his own coffee with a French press in his hotel room.

Others heard about his coffee and were delighted with his brewing skills, and the delicious coffee was shared.

Mr. Butler created mocha coffee brews, lattes, espresso and cappuccino.

The price list was what fascinated me.

His signage told customers all purchases were “Cash” with “No IOUs!” The price of Big Face Coffee is listed as a small cup for $20, medium $20 and a large $20.

For National Coffee Day the price for a cup of Mr. Butler’s coffee was $50.

What fun!

I am sure Mr. Butler’s coffee is amazing, but the price cannot compare with the National Coffee Day brew I enjoyed.

I stopped at the menu board at Dunkin’ in the Speedway Plaza that day.

With a purchase (mine was a blueberry muffin for the Gardner), I received a medium coffee free of charge!

The coffee was delicious, and the friendly greeting at the window telling me to enjoy National Coffee Day was wonderful.

Perhaps Dunkin’ could do a delivery to the NBA Miami Heat Bubble!


What a joy it is this year to celebrate the birthday of an extraordinary gentleman, Dan Henry of Massena.

I first met this amazing man as his friends were celebrating his birthday.

How grateful I am that our paths crossed.

Since a mutual friend told me now nearly 10 years ago that it was Dan Henry’s birthday, I have had the privilege of enjoying a Dan Henry deliciously brewed cup of coffee in his home with this daughter Sheila and her husband, Greg.

There have been gatherings around his dining room table of family and friends.

And with each time spent together, each time we have met on Main Street with the friendliest of greetings, I have learned about the meaning of a caring, kind heart.

Perhaps, though, what I treasure the most is this gentleman’s shared history of Massena.

I thoroughly enjoy watching home movies he has made of life in Massena.

His detailed narrations are marvelous.

The title of one DVD is “Dan Henry’s Home Movies 1956-1958.”

The video is far more than his personal family’s movies with life detailed in the Henry home with three sons and two daughters.

There are recordings of the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Eisenhower and Snell Locks, the Power Dam and Long Sault Dams.

What wonderful videos, complete with aerial views!

There were movies of blasting and clearing for the Seaway.

What amazing pictures.

Mr. Henry was a pilot, too. He told me as we visited that he would take his 8 mm camera with him and recorded home movies of the seaway construction.

There was another DVD of the demolition of the railroad station on Main Street.

And a touching video of Mr. Henry’s participation in the North Country Honor Flight, where he was honored for his service to our country.

Although my wishes are belated by one day, they are most sincere (as I was preparing my shared-over-coffee thoughts last week, it was still September — for me, Oct. 6 seemed a long way away). I hope your day was a wonderful day with family and greetings shared by your many friends throughout the north country. My warmest birthday wishes are sent to you today with the hope that soon we will be able to visit over a cup of coffee with your beautiful family.


Last week, I mentioned watching Massena native Zach Bogosian playing in the NHL Stanley Cup championship game with the Tamp Bay Lightning.

Zach’s team won the Stanley Cup, and he will have his name engraved on the legendary trophy.

We actually watched as the local young man skated around the ice hoisting the cup in the air.

What fun this week to see a family photo accompanying the Bob Beckstead article on the reopening of the Massena Arena.

The headline told readers the Massena Arena was reopening for limited activities.

With the article was a picture of the Bogosian family in an earlier picture with the NHL star in front of a display case containing memorabilia from Zach Bogosian’s career in the NHL.

Also pictured were Massena Joint Recreation Member John Horan and Recreation Director Mike McCabe.

For me at least, a perfect addition to this photo would be to have the Stanley Cup visiting Massena!

What fun to be able to see the entire Bogosian family proudly displaying the Stanley Cup their son had a part in earning his year.

Just a thought.


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

— L.M. Montgomery

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