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Ellen Emery

A national holiday will be celebrated next week, one I will definitely honor and celebrate.

National Coffee Day is going to be commemorated Tuesday — a day that was created, I read this week, to promote an awareness of the culture of coffee. Although I learned about this terrific, fun national holiday a few years ago while visiting a Dunkin’ Donuts on National Coffee Day, I had never read about the creation of the day.

National Coffee Day was originated by the National Coffee Association. I never realized before there was an actual association dealing solely with my favorite beverage.

There also is an International Coffee Day, which is cerebrated on Oct. 1. What a joy to learn there are two days I can set aside to celebrate coffee!

I honestly enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and of coffee beans being ground. I know many are now enjoying cold brew coffee, but my favorite is a hot, black cup of coffee.

And I prefer enjoying that brew with family or friends nearby. For me, the enjoyment of coffee is always with the company around the table.

My first remembrances of my grandmother were in her kitchen in Skaneateles. She would grind the coffee with a cast iron grinder before brewing her coffee on the wood stove in her kitchen.

Although I was far too young to even try a sip of coffee, I loved watching my grandmother grind her coffee and I loved the aroma that filled her kitchen. It brings me great joy to have her cast iron grinder on the wall in my kitchen in our Bombay home.

When we moved to Bombay, our first home was between two of the dearest families: the Lenney family and Chase family. The coffee pot was always on, a blue cornflower Corningware electric percolator (yes, there was one in each home including ours).

What a beautiful time of visiting together we had over coffee. Those visits included the four Lenney children and parents John and Shirley, and the Chase family visits included parents Marcia and Fred and their six children and St. Bernard Peter, too!

Times sharing over coffee have changed a bit the past few months. There is no longer coffee shared at Nanas, Fourth Coast, Twinleaf or Bear’s Den. There have been no visits with a cup of coffee in hand seated across the table from dear friends Dan Henry or Martha and Sheila.

Our over coffee visits now are through the printed page or scanning of this column online. Tomorrow there will be a wonderful time of visiting with friends in a virtual coffee hour.

We will be seen on the computer screen in a small box holding a coffee cup in hand connected by Zoom and friendship. How grateful I am now for connections over coffee now joined virtually.

I hope you will celebrate National Coffee Day on Tuesday. Many of your favorite coffee shops are offering specials to celebrate the day.

I hope you will be able to find a coffee offer, enjoy your coffee and call a friend and visit over coffee. I hope your National Coffee Day celebration is a marvelous one! Enjoy.


My thanks this week to each one at a drive-through window. How difficult it must be to listen for an order, many times muffled through a masked conversation.

I have not been used to selecting items from a drive-through menu and forget the descriptions or hesitate on my order. And for that I apologize. Each clerk is so friendly, kind and so patient.

I have noticed (and on Sunday was part of one) that the lines are longer than usual at the local drive-through windows. Many days the line of vehicles coming up to the drive-through at Dunkin’ is to the road.

My thanks to those preparing and filling each order and to those who meet the public masked but with a smile and the kindest eyes. And for that I am most grateful. I ask that this week if you order your coffee or muffin at a drive-through, you would take a moment and say “thank you” to the clerk in the window.


The hockey fans in our home have always supported the Montreal Canadien hockey team. There have been countless trips to the Forum in Montreal and then the Bell Centre to watch games.

There was a trip to Montreal by The Gardner and our eldest son to be part of a Stanley Cup parade. And yes, The Gardner in his truck displaying a “Habs” license plate was in a Stanley Cup parade through Hogansburg (with Donnie Comins nearby honoring his Bruins without the cup).

This year with our Canadiens not involved in the Stanley Cup finals, I think the entire north country should don Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys and cheer for Massena’s Zach Bogosian, a defenseman for this team. I heard a gentleman the other day mention watching the Lightning for the young man who grew up in Massena. When I mentioned Zach Bogosian to our eldest son, who is a diehard Canadiens fan, he spoke highly of his play in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I will watch the Stanley Cup finals with greater interest this week and will be cheering for the Tamp Bay Lightning and Zach Bogosian. And I hope others will join me in cheering for the local young man on the NHL roster.


My apologies to each of you. Last week I mentioned the beauty of the north country and told you to look up at the clear blue skies during the day and the crystal-clear night skies.

As I did, I mentioned the fires my sisters in California were experiencing with ash filled skies and yellow blocking the sun. By the time my column appeared for reading, the West Coast ash had traveled across the country and filled our north country skies with a haze.

Hopefully, our sky will clear soon and return to normal. Life in the north country is still beautiful with our breathable air clear and now brisk as fall arrives.


“A meaningful life is one lived not just for one’s self but for community.”

— Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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