Nature prepares itself for Mother’s Day events

Ellen Emery

Recently, I told you about my fascination watching the Cornell Lab Live Bird Cam where those interested could watch the red-tailed hawks build their nest, lay their eggs and wait patiently until those three eggs hatched.

On Monday, I checked the Bird Cam to see what activities Mother Big Red and Father Arthur were involved with this week.

I have enjoyed watching as Arthur would fly onto the nesting ledge, taking his turn to sit on the nest.

Big Red and Arthur would both take turns tucking the precious eggs underneath their bodies, gently turning them with their beaks.


What wonderful news there was as I watched on Monday.

The first egg had hatched — K1, we were told, had arrived!

I watched Mother Big Red worked to feed her new baby, a tiny ball of white fluff.

Perfect timing.

I am sure within the next day all three eggs will hatch prepared to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday!

How beautiful, and what a marvelous sign of hope.


This Sunday has been designated as a day to celebrate and honor our mothers.

For weeks, stores have been filled with amazing displays of suggested gifts for mothers and the other special women in our lives.

Monday, there were numerous suggested gift items for this day as well.

Most of the gifts that I saw on television and read in newspapers dealt with technology — the latest “tech gifts,” the description read.

I smiled with that thought of “tech gifts,” remembering the very special, touching gifts that were given by our two sons when they were much younger.

During my “quarantine” cleaning and sorting, I discovered a number of Mother’s Day cards and treasures.

There is a delightful poem written by our oldest son, Joel, when he was in kindergarten.

“A mother is a washer,” our son wrote of his mother.

I actually still have a beautiful macaroni necklace that was made by our youngest son who colored each individual piece of macaroni before stringing it carefully to form a necklace.

That Mother’s Day gift was one that is saved and remembered.

There are a number of beautiful handmade, construction paper cards, one from our oldest son that must have accompanied a plant.

This poem was a beautiful piece about planting a seed complete with a 3D paper flower.

Another was a Mother’s Day message from our youngest son with two lines of X’s and O’s with a note to mother that says, “You know what they mean!”

There are advertisements online and numerous advertisements for flower arrangements for Mother’s Day.

The most beautiful floral gifts I have received were the stemless dandelions picked with love from our yard by our sons decades ago.

The bright yellow dandelion flowers floated beautifully on top of a bowl of water — and, yes, they are my favorites for they were picked with love.

As you think about Mother’s Day this year, make sure there is a gift to share with your mother or with a dear friend.

Sunday marigolds were shared with so many, given in anticipation of Mother’s Day.

How beautiful and thoughtful.

If your crafting isn’t quite up to gift standards (like my crafting abilities or lack thereof), find a gift to purchase and give as you bring joy to a neighbor and friend.


Our neighbor Ken Smallman will celebrate his birthday Saturday.

Ken and his wife, Carole, are marvelous neighbors.

What a joy it is to live in a neighborhood with such thoughtful neighbors across the street!

Have a great day, Kenny.

Happy birthday!


Our youngest son, Gregg, lives and works in New York City.

He is an artist who loves to paint and sketch.

His paintings are marvelous, using “circles and rectangles” in his work, a news release sent to his mother (this columnist) explained.

“He uses sheer physicality to drag his paint into these two shapes,” the release said.

Each work is inspired by everyday life, movie themes or sunsets.

The photo that accompanied the news release depicted one of our son’s paintings covering a 12,000-square-foot billboard in Times Square in the heart of New York City.

The side of that painting announces this is the work of Artist Gregg Emery.

The paintings are part of a digital event, the Brussels-based Cube Art Fair.

The work of artists “hoping to spread messages of inspiration, creativity and hope” will be displayed in NYC beginning today through Sunday.

The Cube Art Fair will use Manhattan as its showroom, displaying 100 artworks on billboards throughout the city.

One of those displayed is the work of Bombay’s Gregg Emery.

Our son is a 1990 graduate of Salmon River Central and has always loved to draw and paint.

He would attend hockey games at the Massena Arena and enjoy sketching the action on the ice.

He also could be found at the food court in the mall sketching passersby and clerks behind the counter.

I asked Gregg to share his thoughts as he saw his painting in Times Square.

“Standing in Times Square feeling about as far as I can from Bombay, staring at my artwork and name bigger than ever for the world to see, I think of my young self and hope this inspires others from that tiny beautiful town [Bombay] to know that they are capable of absolutely anything,” Gregg said as we visited this week. “It was my family and my friends who helped me realize this as well as help keep me humble and focus on the things in life that are truly important.”

If you are in New York City this week and see the name Gregg Emery on a billboard, it is the same young man you went to school with.

How proud we are of our son and how wonderful to see the work of a Bombay artist recognized in Times Square.

“Some days, life feels a bit surreal!” Gregg said as he shared photos this week.


“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

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