The purrrrrrr-fect sounds

Ellen Emery

There was a routine visit to the doctor’s office for a member of our household recently.

When there is an early morning appointment, we use that time as an excuse to stop for breakfast following the visit with Dr. Neil. Since the one with the doctor’s checkup wasn’t this columnist, I decided to take a book for reading while the one officially visiting Dr. Neil had his appointment.

There usually is a book in my purse for reading. Instead of becoming frustrated with waiting in any capacity, I will usually catch up on the latest book I have selected for reading. There are always magazines available in most offices, but I have found it frustrating to begin reading an article only to have to leave before my reading has been finished.

We soon left the office of Dr. Neil and Dr. Joanne Cichetti and stopped for breakfast on our way home. Later that day, there was a telephone call from the doctor’s office.

A bookmark had been found in the parking lot. Amy, the receptionist, had remembered seeing me reading and had called to make sure the bookmark was returned to its rightful owner.

How kind and how observant, too. Amy’s thoughtfulness and caring meant a great deal on a Tuesday morning. I was so touched she noticed my book and remembered and then cared enough to make a telephone call.

I did think I had lost a bookmark that day, so I stopped at the office the next morning. In full disclosure, the bookmark found was not the one I had misplaced.

Although the bookmark wasn’t mine, Amy’s kindness and caring heart still touched me — it was truly an act of kindness. My heartfelt thanks to Amy. I hope by the time this column is published, the rightful owner of the beautiful bookmark will have been found!


Melodie Lindsay, the postmaster at the Hogansburg post office, celebrated her birthday on Monday. Although my wishes are two days late, they are most sincere.

What a lovely woman! And what an absolute joy it is to be able to visit with Melodie on a stop on St. Regis Road. Each one behind the counter at the Hogansburg post office is amazing, so friendly, so knowledgeable, so willing to lend a helping hand and share sound mailing advice!

My warmest wishes, Melodie, for only the best in the year ahead as you celebrate the anniversary of your birth this year!


Charlie Boots of Massena will celebrate his birthday Tuesday. I always enjoy visiting with Charlie and his lovely wife, Eileen.

It is always great fun to share stories of my hometown Ithaca (technically Danby) with Charlie, who is an Ithaca College graduate. It also was a joy to hear stories of a younger Charlie Boots from beautiful Anna Catanzarite.

My best wishes, Charlie, for a wonderful birthday. Have a great day.


What fun it is to be able to mention the marvelous individuals who are in the stores, restaurants and at the post office who are so kind each week. When I write about those who have made my life so much better, I never know if they have seen their name or connected with an anonymous mention or realized I am the one who has shared my gratitude moments.

Anonymity has always been something I enjoyed — I loved sharing the acts of kindness by so many with no one ever suspecting the one at their counter or cash register was this columnist. Even with a colored photo now appearing with each column online on the new website NNY360, I still am not sure anyone connects that columnist with the individual purchasing groceries that day!

Sunday, I stopped at the Walmart bakery to make a purchase of another cupcake cake for a friend. As I requested a name on the cake for sharing, Sierra took my cake for decorating with such a friendly greeting and warm smile. As she walked behind the display case, she turned and immediately commented that I had written about my previous cupcake cake purchase in the newspaper.

I confirmed that I had, and Sierra shared the most amazing connection. She told me her grandmother Sonja Mitchell of Fort Covington had sent her the column.

Amazing! I know this young woman’s grandparents Ian and Sonja Mitchell as well as her mother, Shauna. In fact, I think our oldest son graduated from Salmon River with her.

If I remember correctly, Sonja always had the Observer at her beauty shop in Fort Covington. A dear mutual friend told me she would stop to get her hair done so she could read this column at Sonja’s beauty shop! What marvelous connections made through a kind act and a newspaper column.


There was a trip to Massena on Thursday evening. Our shopping was cut short because of a torrential downpour. By the time we arrived home, the rain had stopped.

I was talking on the telephone when the Gardener (formerly the Clockman!) came into our home and asked me to look skyward. In the sky was a beautiful rainbow. As we looked out one window and then another, the rainbow became more spectacular as we saw a double rainbow out of our front window.

Hopefully you, too, saw the beauty of the north country in the Thursday evening sky. Isn’t the north country a marvelous place to live and look skyward and see stars, blue skies and rainbows, too?


“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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