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Ellen Emery

Monday on a morning television news program, we learned that Tuesday was a day set aside to celebrate our feline friends. Yes, it was National Cat Day.

During the past few years, I have become more aware of days that have been set aside to celebrate those in our lives and the things that make our lives so special. Recently, there was a day to celebrate my favorite drink coffee and Monday was set aside as National Chocolate Day. What fun!

Most special days are days we can celebrate with a store promotion and reduced prices of our favorite drinks or snack items. The national designated dates can also be a time to pay tribute to the amazing work of our neighbors and friends, such as a National Doctors or Nurses Day or perhaps a day to honor mail carriers or our newspaper carrier.

I checked on the National Cat Day website (yes, there is actually a Cat Day website) and discovered the day has been set aside to recognize the need of cats to be rescued. The day has also been established to “encourage cat lovers to celebrate their cats.”

Since I heard the announcement of a National Cat Day celebration, I have thought about how we might “celebrate” our feline friend, Tigger. When I think of a celebration, I first think about food. The suggestion was made that perhaps we should make a catnip cake!

Our Tigger waits with anticipation for his food — and loves treats — but I don’t think even a catnip cake would hold his interest. His favorite edibles involve plastic foam and any rubbery material. His recent favorite snackables now includes the rubber mat we have placed under the bathroom throw rugs. Any of those items would be celebratory for our Tigger but are definitely not an edible choice for a cat.

A drink in celebration of Cat Day also doesn’t seem feasible. Tigger’s drinking enjoyment involves sitting in the tub and drinking from a dripping faucet. Perhaps a sprig of catnip could be floated in his water dish.

There are usually gifts associated with a celebration. Tigger has such fun with his toys. He has two baskets full of cat toys and he loves to go to a basket and select a special toy for playing. He runs through the house flipping furry cat toys, bouncing rubber balls and throwing catnip pouches into the air. I recently purchased a new catnip pouch, which was a hit for a few days. I honestly don’t think a new toy would make Cat Day a celebration.

Tigger has two cat trees in our Bombay home. He loves to run to the top literally flying from section to section and spinning around the top section. A fun trick is to leap from the top level near the ceiling to a nearby chair! The suggestion was made by the Clockman (the one in the house that my Tigger idolizes) that perhaps we should decorate the cat tree for Cat Day. Since that might hinder the run to the top, that idea also was voted down.

I honestly cannot think of anything that might be a celebration for our Tigger. He seems to enjoy life in Bombay, and we made sure that on National Cat Day he had food in his bowl and toys to play with. And we make sure the Clockman pays attention to Tigger when he wants to be petted.

I was the one who had seen the stray cat at our neighbor’s home. I purchased the necessities for a new feline friend to live with us. I went to our neighbor’s home to bring Tigger across the road to live with us. Tigger allows me to feed him, give him treats and clean the litter box, but he prefers the company of the Clockman.

Tigger loves to sit with the Clockman in his recliner. Tigger is insistent, though, when he sits with the Clockman that he gets his full attention. When the Clockman plays “Words with Friends” on his iPad, Tigger is not happy. He will sit on the arm of the recliner and gently hit the Clockman’s arm with his paw, becoming more and more aggressive in his attention getting methods.

He has actually hit his paw on the screen of the iPad which sends a response far too quickly! Perhaps for Cat Day the Clockman could refrain from playing Words and only pet our feline friend. I am sure for Tigger that attention would be a celebration.

We enjoy the company of our feline friend and are glad there is a day to celebrate his presence. Perhaps some of you who celebrated this national holiday will share your activities so we can use them in our home, too.


Sister Mary Christine Taylor, SSJ, will celebrate her birthday Thursday. What an amazing person she is, always there for each one in need. I have met her at the funeral home, at a birthday party and throughout the north country. Her smile and warm hello always touch my heart.

What a remarkable woman. She is one of the most caring people I know. How grateful I am that our paths crossed at the Akwesasne Library now about 40 years ago. How blessed the north country is for her kindness to each one she meets, no matter what their faith might be.

My warmest wishes, Sister Christine, as you celebrate your birthday this year.


There is a new store in the Harte Haven Plaza. At the far end of the section that houses Aaron’s and the Dollar Tree store you will find the Mustard Tin. I have made numerous purchases for gifts at this delightful store at another location. I was thrilled recently to see an open sign in the front window as I pulled into a parking place nearby.

There are the most marvelous gift items available. A number of the items in the store are homemade and beautifully handcrafted (there was even a handmade catnip toy for Tigger). It was a joy to stop last week and make a purchase and visit with the friendliest woman behind the counter.

I am looking forward to shopping at the Mustard Tin again soon. What lovely shops are throughout Harte Haven. It is a joy to stop and spend time in each one.


“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

— Albert Schweitzer

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