The US government has been dancing around UFO issue for 75 years

Many people believe the U.S. government is concealing information it has on UFOs. Dreamstime/Tribune News Service

NEW YORK — The spectacle of the U.S. military shooting down three unidentified objects in the space of a week has opened the door to baseless speculations and conspiracy theories, thanks in part to the government’s contradictory messaging, which has toggled between genuine alarm and casual dismissal.

Sadly, this looks a lot like what happened 75 years ago, when sightings of what became known as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, led to a media circus that undermined legitimate inquiry into what is now known simply as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP.

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What do people expect anyway, looking at the sky? Is it our place to look at the sky? We should all keep our eyes on our own concerns. There's nothing there to look at. What's the matter with you?

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