A second American Revolution

Ted Harvey

Weeks after a “red wave” slammed New Jersey and Virginia, Democrats are still reeling. To quote Democratic strategist Lanae Erickson, “If House elections had to be held on the day of the Virginia elections, we would have lost 50 seats.”

The writing is on the wall, and that writing is public opinion. In terms of congressional outlook, Republicans are currently polling ahead of Democrats by 10 percentage points — their largest lead since the early 1980s. When it comes to handling crime, Republicans hold a 22-point advantage. On the issue of inflation (more pressing with each passing day), it extends to 24 points.

Border security? Americans trust the Republican Party by a 27-point margin. Yes, people still believe in borders. And, no, they do not support six-figure payouts to illegal immigrants.

Making matters worse for Democrats, the liberal base is not energized by the failures of the Biden administration. Uninspired by press conferences with stock questions and scripted answers, under half of Biden voters expect to vote next year.

Democrats, beware: Nov. 2 was just the beginning. We are in the midst of a second American Revolution, characterized by a massive and mounting disdain for President Biden and his left-wing platform.

Back in June, I warned the Biden administration about the “red wave” approaching. As I wrote, “Our Founding Fathers gave us a republic by which our revolutions are fought at the ballot box.” Indeed, it was fought in New Jersey, where the Senate president was taken down by an upstart. It was fought in Virginia, where Republicans won the governorship and two other statewide races, while regaining the majority in the House of Delegates. And Americans are still fighting.

Despite the incessant wailing of the radical left, Americans are seeing what happens when good-faith people rise up to fight for their children, their businesses and the American way of life.

When small businesses were summarily deemed “non-essential” and shut down last year, while big box stores and fast food chains remained open, Americans were infuriated. When schools were closed and childhood education was put on hold, Americans were enraged. When schools were reopened yet reserved for mask-wearers, despite minimal COVID-related risks, Americans were outraged. When children were forced to confront propaganda like “critical race theory” and “white privilege” in the classroom, Americans were frustrated yet again. This month, Americans told the Democratic Party: Enough.

The more Democrats and their allies promote policies with little to no support, the more that everyday Americans will fight back. If President Biden dares to define parents as “domestic terrorists,” he and his allies will face their wrath at the ballot box.

People will organize and mobilize on Election Day. As one Democrat in Virginia acknowledged, “Voted straight ticket Republican today. First time in my life. The Democrats who kept my kids under house arrest all of last year didn’t get a single vote from me.” And, in the end, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe lost a state that President Biden won by double digits just one year earlier. Hispanic voters, some of whom became first-time Republicans because of the Biden administration, went for Glenn Youngkin by an 11-point margin.

Yet Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blame the Virginia loss on centrism, urging her party to become even more left wing. For lawmakers like her, the 2022 midterms will be another rude awakening.

November 2021 was no fluke. Republicans have every reason to be optimistic about the months to come. They have every reason to be encouraged by the Americans organizing and mobilizing to take back their schools, their districts and the entire country.

In the end, it will not be the Republican Party that wins the 2022 midterms — the second American Revolution. It will be the decent, hard-working fathers and mothers who stood up for their nation.

Which side will you be on?

Ted Harvey is chairman of the anti-Biden Committee to Defeat the President. He wrote this for InsideSources.com.

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(3) comments

She's back

Well Ted Harvey certainly is not one to let facts get in the way of a hysterical political rant. (I'll be looking into his background shortly). The biggest FACT that Harvey chooses to ignore is that the largest wave of business and school " lock downs", and move to remote work and learning came during the Trump administration. Fully 43 of the 50 State Governors imposed some restrictions during this period and those Governors were BOTH Republican and Democrat. there is no way it can be said to be something "imposed" by democrats. IT needs to be started that no vaccine had yet existed so the only way to control a raging pandemic was by "societal measures" .

Ted Harvey spouts so many purposefully misleading statements about masks and wether children can get the Covid virus or die from it . YES THEY CAN and HAVE. It would be pointless to point out all the Assumptions he rolls into this rant.

One that I can not ignore is his misperception of the Economy which from many measures is doing fine. Let's address that inflation thing a bit. I read a wonderfully astute article from an economist and investor. It had been written at the height of the Covid travel restrictions and "lockdowns". He stated THEN that what the country would need to lift itself out of the Covid caused "recession" would be inflation coupled with rises wages and return of strong consumer demand. WE are only a bit higher than his ideal inflation target.

Fact don't matter to one like him. Because of that he may have a bright future in the GOP.

hermit thrush

lol what a stupid column! republicans are big favorites to retake the house next year, but it's not like there's some incipient revolution afoot. it is incredibly normal for the out-of-power party to do well in the midterms. when the rooster calls in the morning, it doesn't mean that the chickens are about to launch a revolution.


I think the radical wing are basically fifth columnists. It's easy to get the downtrodden to push down the other downtrodden in hopes of getting slightly higher altitude. History is full of starving peasants killing other starving peasants so the lord could get a new castle. Democrats need to stop letting people just come along and say "I'm on the left so if you don't agree with me you must be on the right." All that far left nonsense echo chamber stuff? False flag operation, in effect. Oh, those doing it may be true believers, but somewhere around each of them, disguised or in the shadows, is somebody with an agenda facilitating and encouraging. It's all assisted by the fact that they're addressing real issues. The problem is that they're claiming crazy ideas are the only solutions and that these crazy ideas are what won progress, when in reality they showed up after the work was done and took credit.

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