The first sign of good news concerning voter turnout for this year’s general election was the large number of residents who requested absentee ballots or participated in early voting.

About 25 percent of registers voters in the tri-county area chose this option. This was a substantial increase.

“In Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, 13,081 voters cast their ballots during early voting this year between Oct. 24 and Nov. 1. That accounts for 11 percent of the 115,241 registered voters across the three counties,” according to a story published Nov. 2 by the Watertown Daily Times. “Between early and absentee voting, at least 25 percent of voters in the tri-county area have already voted in this year’s election. Between Oct. 24 and Nov. 1, each county Board of Elections opened an early voting site for at least four hours per day. And turnout was much higher than any election commissioner had expected.”

Participating in the electoral process is essential for maintaining a vibrant society. Everyone has a stake in how governments on the federal, state and municipal levels operate, so all eligible individuals have a duty to become involved.

Despite the relevance of elections to our lives, turnout is often low — and sometimes, incredibly low. It’s difficult pinpointing exactly why so many Americans fail to vote.

And there were concerns that the novel coronavirus pandemic would suppress turnout even more. Many people didn’t want to risk becoming infected by showing up at their polling station, so they were tempted to stay home.

Fortunately, state and county officials eased voters’ minds about participating in the general election. They streamlined the process for voting by mail and made a concerted effort to publicize the hours and locations for early voting.

They also ensured safety protocols were observed at polling places if people chose to vote on Election Day. All the county Board of Elections staff members and those who served as poll workers deserve a tremendous amount of credit for keeping everything running as efficiently as possible under trying circumstances.

They put in very long hours last week, and we’re grateful for their hard work. Their efforts paid off.

“In Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, more voters cast their ballots in this year’s election than any year before, according to preliminary results from each county Board of Elections,” according to a story published Nov. 5 by the Watertown Daily Times. “This year, more than 104,000 people, or 67 percent of the registered voting base, are on track to have their votes counted in the three-county area, counting both in-person votes and requested absentee ballots. That marks an increase of about 16,000 votes compared to those cast in the 2016 election, and a higher percentage of all registered voters in the three counties. In previous presidential elections, voter turnout has hovered at about the 60 percent mark. In 2016, 87,943 people, or 59.7 percent of all registered voters across the three counties, cast their ballots, and in 2012 that total was 83,277 people, or 56 percent of all registered voters.”

Representatives of the Jefferson County Board of Elections showed they were on the ball when they received 13 ballots meant for other counties and states. They saw to it that all of the ballots were sent to their proper destinations. Election Commissioners Michelle LaFave and Jude Seymour researched the issue to determine that the out-of-state ballots would be validated once they arrived at their appropriate locations.

We’re proud of everyone who voted this year and worked to facilitate the process. This bodes well for more civic engagement in the future, which will benefit Northern New York.

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(22) comments


The media does not decide who is the President Elect. Why would anyone concede when they’re still counting votes?

hermit thrush

amazing take from the side of the aisle that criticized hillary clinton for waiting all the way until the morning after the election four years ago, depsite the margin then being much much closer.


From Hillary’s concession:

We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. But I still believe in America and I always will. And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.

Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power and we don't just respect that, we cherish it. It also enshrines other things; the rule of law, the principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of worship and expression. We respect and cherish these values too and we must defend them.

That’s how an adult acts when lose a race and love the country more than themselves. I saw today she might get UN ambassador. 😃


Because they don’t have enough votes left to count that would put the President Reject in the lead? Because they know how numbers work? Because they would’ve called any previous election by this point?

Even Fox News is calling it. I’m sure OANN, Newsmax and RT are still safe spaces tho.


I can remember when Republicans were appalled by frivolous lawsuits. But now, frivolous lawsuits in defense of Trump’s ego are justified.


The first sign of good news concerning voter turnout for this year’s general election was the large number of residents who requested absentee ballots or participated in early voting.

Now if we could get a certain prominent loser to accept his loss that would help preserve the electoral process. And we have a congresswoman who has gone on twitter and helped feed the “stolen election” nonsense. And who most assuredly hasn’t offered any congratulations for the incoming executive team. Maybe if more people were involved in working on elections they would see that everything that’s done is done by bipartisan teams and the idea that multiple thousands of “stolen” votes is idiocy.


I wonder if you were this concerned when the Clinton staffer children pried all the "W" keys off all the WH keyboards instead of getting Bush up and running. I know the answer to that rhetorical question. Then thanks to the Democrat babies attention to politics first, nine months later we had 9-11.


thanks to the Democrat babies attention to politics first, nine months later we had 9-11.

Correlation does not imply causation. The rooster doesn’t cause the sun to rise.

It was absolutely wrong for Clinton staff to behave the way they did. It was churlish, petty and childish just like Trump is acting now.


Since you brought it up we’re now at a death toll of over 80 times the number that perished on 9/11 from the coronavirus.

hermit thrush

snowflake alert, someone can't take an innocent prank! holy cow. to then blame 9/11 on democrats when george w. bush was in charge takes the cake.

hermit thrush

krobbins, i think it's a real mistake to compare an innocent high-school-style prank with what trump is doing now. it's fine to say that the clintonites shouldn't have done that, but trump's refusal to engage with the transition process right now carries real national security and public health risks. nothing like that is remotely true of hijinks with keyboards.


I don’t disagree with you, ht. Just trying to find common ground like Joe is and the Good Book implores us to do. 🎶 Kumbaya 🎶

What Trump is doing and not doing now is so costly to the US now that he should just vacate and let Biden take the job now. The irony is him fighting so hard to retain a job he’s not doing. Joe was the first to tweet condolences for the service members in Egypt. Has Trump? This is a lede from an AP article:

President Donald Trump has publicly disengaged from the battle against the coronavirus at a moment when the disease is tearing across the United States at an alarming pace.

Trump, fresh off his reelection loss to President-elect Joe Biden, remains angry that an announcement about progress in developing a vaccine for the disease came after Election Day. And aides say the president has shown little interest in the growing crisis even as new confirmed cases are skyrocketing and hospital intensive care units in parts of the country are nearing capacity.

What he’s doing is inhuman.

hermit thrush

to krobbins: [thumbup]

between things like the tragedy in epypt and the trump campaign actively trying to get military ballots thrown out in nevada, it really makes you wonder how sincere the republican party is when they claim that they value supporting the troops.


it really makes you wonder how sincere the republican party is when they claim that they value supporting the troops.

I don’t have to wonder about the current Republican Party. It’s clear that the only thing they care about is what’s good for Trump. It was their platform. Certainly every Republican president before Trump was sincere in their love for the troops as with every Democratic president. It’s so nice to have a president-elect that acts like every president before Trump. I was thinking today that Joe has been Reaganesque in his statements and style since the election. Blessings on him for not meeting the vitriol and stupidity with the same. He’s returning dignity to the office.


In regards to "supporting the troops": Democrats do the following: talk about improving the VA but not really doing anything about it, reducing the defense budget, freezing research and development of weapon systems of all sorts, cut maintenance funding, support involvement in "peace" operations using combat troops, cut numbers of weapons purchased, engage in social gerrymandering inside combat units, require as much diversity and race theory training as combat skill training.

Trump Republicans do the following: fund development of creative weapon technologies that help us keep an edge, stay out of the way of complicated training and warfighring processes.

Tedra exemplified the great misunderstanding that supporting the troops really means not just fixing broken people but fixing broken weapons and staying out of unnecessary conflict.

hermit thrush

the honest take is that neither party has a monopoly on "supporting the troops." the reality is that there are many instances where democrats do what's better for the country instead of what's narrowly better for the troops. less war is a good thing overall! on the other hand trump republicans actually stand for deporting veterans, which is as far away from actually supporting the troops as you can get.


staying out of unnecessary conflict.

Have those WMDs turned up yet?

hermit thrush

right, another piece of wild hypocrisy/inaccuracy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it: trump regularly takes credit for the va choice act, which was passed by obama. does that count as "doing something for the va"?


Hermit and Kr, No one has done a better job of staying out of armed conflict than Trump! If you have go back 19 years to talk about WMDs, you show your lack of understanding. I said "Trump Republicans". And neither of you understands the first thing about the need to constantly modernize our weapons. Too much time on campus and too little serving our country, perhaps.

hermit thrush

trump has in many ways been more militaristic than obama and he has been devoted to fattening defense contractors' pockets.

let's not forget, pb is a guy/gal who is outraged, just outraged, that nancy pelosi has a nice fridge, whereas he's not bothered at all about trump deporting veterans.


No one has done a better job of staying out of armed conflict than Trump!

Okay, so I remember Dubya starting one, maybe two, more war than necessary. Personally, I thought we could’ve bribed the Taliban to turn over OBL and come out of it a lot cheaper. But, I don’t remember Obama starting any conflicts.

I said "Trump Republicans".

If you’re saying What’s His Name is a peacemonger, he did hire Bolton. I will give him credit for not starting unnecessary wars. He just allowed 4 times the number from the Vietnam War to die from coronavirus in 8 months. I do like hearing “Trump Republican.” I want to hear them called that forever. Just make it a portmanteau: Trumpublican.

And neither of you understands the first thing about the need to constantly modernize our weapons.

The military-industrial complex appreciates your support. Since probably 90% of the money is probably being wasted on weapons that don’t work or will never be used you’re right I don’t understand.

Too much time on campus and too little serving our country, perhaps.

I spent 4 years in the service and I’m a retired baker. You’re the one who was casually dropping your 2 masters degrees a few days ago, ivory tower elite.


In fairness to John Bolton he did go on with George S today and this is a tweet from ABC News.

NEW: Former National Security Adviser John Bolton urges GOP leadership to "explain to our voters... that in fact Trump has lost the election and that these claims of election fraud are baseless."

Apparently, he’s under the misconception Republican congresscritters still have spines. Elise is busy retweeting Boris Epshsteyn, appearing with Hannity and blaming “Socialist Democrats” for book bans in Burbank CA that has nothing to do with politics.

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