Social service organizations often have a difficult enough time raising the funding they need to operate when the economy is healthy.

So when finances become strained, this task can be even more challenging. This poses quite a dilemma for these groups.

Tough times usually result in an increased demand for the programs they offer. But providing all the services that people need requires a reliable source of revenue, which sometimes comes up short when pocketbooks grow thin.

Americans have been confronted with a sobering issue for the past year. The novel coronavirus pandemic has imperiled people’s health and put a clamp on their income.

This makes fundraising for nonprofit groups more essential but problematic. Many individuals are reluctant to donate because they don’t know what the near future holds when it comes to their finances. And the social interactions necessary to solicit money through major events must either be restricted or canceled to keep participants safe.

Organizations have needed to be creative during this health care crisis. One seems to be having success with the plan it’s carrying out.

The Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County has embarked on an ambition goal: Raise at least $100,000 by November. It’s doing this with a daring request: Asking 100 supporters each to donate $1,000 to the group.

“With increased calls to the center in 2020 amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, having to cancel various events and the need for the center’s services continuing to rise, it recently launched a new campaign to help raise funds: the 100 Campaign,” according to a story published Friday by the Watertown Daily Times. “The campaign asks 100 supporters to donate $1,000 throughout 2021. Though supporters are welcome to just write out a check for the full amount, creativity is also welcomed for raising money for the campaign like hosting bake sales or other fundraising events.”

Based in Watertown, the Victims Assistance Center raised $8,000 in the second week of its campaign. This brings its total of money pledged so far to $21,000.

This is impressive. Supporters don’t have to hand over the full $1,000 all at once. They can engage in activities until November to raise the money needed to fulfill their promise.

What a terrific approach to fundraising. And people should know that the money they donate will go to a group with a critical mission.

“Serving the community since 1979 as a comprehensive victims services agency, the mission of the Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County is to assist and provide direct services to victims/survivors of violence and crime in Jefferson County [New York]. Victimization does not end with the violence of the crime itself. The Victims Assistance Center recognizes these complex issues and assists individuals and families in our community through a variety of direct services,” according to information on the group’s website. “Our mission is to assist and provide services through advocacy, education and emotional support to all survivors of violence and crime in our community.”

The group assists victims and survivors under many instances including domestic and family violence, sexual assault and abuse, robbery, hate and bias crimes, and gang violence. Its website said the organization’s vision is to “Create and foster a safe, caring community working together to bring hope, inspire change and empower individuals to move beyond their circumstances.”

It’s good to see worthy causes receive the support they need, and the Victims Assistance Center is one such organization. To participate in the 100 Campaign, call Madelaine Taylor at 315-755-1434.

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The sign in the picture has the VAC and the Child Advocacy Center both. How are they related? Are they the same thing, one a part of the other, or merely in the same building?

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