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An artwork titled ‘Exceptional Goat Mural’ was one of four purchased through an online auction by Good Morning Reality in Lowville to be donated back to the community. Provided photo

Works produced by a Connecticut artist for the Lewis County Fair will remain in the area thanks to a local business.

Graffiti artist and muralist Ryan Christenson, who goes by the name ARCY, created five large paintings depicting farm animals for the fair held July 20 through July 24. The board of the Lewis County Agricultural Society, which organizes the fair each year, opted to allow people to buy the artworks through a public auction. The group decided to keep one piece titled “Exceptional Cow Mural” because of how well it depicted the county.

“Up for bid were paintings of a goat, pig, rooster and sheep each on three 4-by-8-feet plywood panels, which are braced in the rear by a frame to elevate the murals 2 feet off the ground. At the close of the auction, the high bid for each of the four murals went to Good Morning Realty with each selling for $500 or more for a total of $2,290 going back into the Agriculture Society coffers, according to Rachel Lisk, Lewis County Fair manager,” an article published Friday by the Watertown Daily Times reported.

Britt Abbey, broker and owner of the Lowville-based real estate agency, explained what the business decided to do with the murals.

“Good Morning Realty purchased the murals because we wanted to ensure that they remained on display in Lewis County and would continue to be enjoyed by local residents and tourists alike,” Abbey said, according to the story. “We are donating them to the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, and they are free to choose where they believe their impact can best serve the community and provide color to our streetscapes. We have a long history of supporting the arts in the area, and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to help both the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce and Lewis County Agricultural Society with this donation.”

Chamber officials would like members of the public to express their thoughts on what to do with the paintings. People can offer suggestions at

Public art helps define communities through an appreciation of shared culture. We commend Christenson as well as the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Lewis County Agricultural Society and Good Morning Realty for enhancing this region with artworks that will inspire and be admired by many.

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