Hitting the target

A dedication ceremony was held Oct. 29 at Lewis County General Hospital’s helicopter landing zone. Julie Abbass/Watertown Daily Times

The development of a helicopter landing area at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville enhances the facility’s value to the north country and sees a longtime objective become reality.

Local dignitaries attended an event last month to dedicate the site. They watched as one helicopter made the first landing.

“Community members, hospital employees, nursing home residents, emergency services personnel and officials on the county, state and federal levels watched as a red and white Mercy Flight Central chopper angled in for a landing outlined by the bright blue of the sunny, clear sky. Elizabeth A. Woods, who contributed part of the money to fund the landing zone in honor of her late husband, John B. Woods, and hospital board member Charles W. Truax Jr., were all smiles as they disembarked from the chopper after the whirling blades came to a halt,” according to a story published Oct. 30 by the Watertown Daily Times. “Construction on the landing zone began in September. However, the flat rectangular space was first prepared 10 years ago, hospital Chief Executive Officer Gerald R. Cayer said in his address. Up to this point, Mercy Flight and LifeNet helicopters bringing urgent medical cases from around the county to the hospital landed in the large parking lot at the Center for Business, formerly the Climax building, about a quarter of a mile up the road. Mr. Cayer said a number of emergency services, including the fire department, an ambulance and the police, had to be there for each landing to bring the patient the short distance to the hospital.”

The project remained within its budget of $12,000. Both Mr. and Mrs. Woods served on the board for the Hospital Foundation. In addition, Mr. Woods was a member of the hospital board.

This helicopter landing zone is a wonderful addition to Lewis County General Hospital.

It will save time and money. But most importantly, it will contribute to the hospital’s mission of saving lives.

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