Keep them fur-ever

Waiting to find a foster family, a momma cat with her five newborn kittens have found temporary shelter at the Lewis County Humane Society in Glenfield. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

It’s no surprise that many people decided to make room in their hearts and homes for a companion animal during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to a story published Saturday in the Watertown Daily Times, the Lewis County Humane Society in Glenfield reported an increase in pet adoptions this year. The facility has processed adoptions for 239 cats and dogs so far.

In May, the shelter adopted out 18 cats and dogs. This increased to 36 in June and 54 in July. This same trend has been seen at other shelters in the area.

Adoptive families have said they wanted to obtain pets because they’ve had more time to spend with them while they remained at home. Lewis County Humane Society manager Amber Zehr said this could become a concern if people find they can’t continue properly caring for their cats and dogs once they return to work.

“Once you’re back to work full time and everything, these animals are still gonna be there. … We make sure we kind of drill it into people a little bit,” she said. “I just worry that people think that they have all this free time, but animals take time. And then when everybody goes back to work and life kind of goes back to normal, it’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, I don’t have time like I thought I was going to.’”

This is an appropriate concern. Adoptive families don’t always know how much time will need to be devoted to raising and caring for pets, particularly when they are kittens and puppies.

The people who staff these facilities want to make sure families are able to keep their companion animals and create happy homes for them. Pets bring an enormous amount of joy to people, and it’s good that cats and dogs can leave shelters and find loving environments where they’ll feel blessed as well.

Individuals considering adopting a cat or dog should conduct the research necessary to determine what will need to be spent to do the job in terms of time and financial resources. This process works best when families realize the challenges that go along with adopting a pet. Having the right attitude about making such a commitment will benefit everyone in the long run.

We also encourage people to make financial contributions to the shelters in their area. It’s expensive to house cats and dogs before they find their way into loving homes. Families who find the ideal companion animal should help make it possible for others to do the same.

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