The chill in the air reminds us that fall is on its way. It’s hard to believe it’s almost Labor Day. With the holiday approaching, a reminder to advertisers — we will have an early deadline with advertisements, including classified ads due by Thursday, Sept. 3.

Overall it’s not been a bad summer. Long hot, days only cooled by a trip to the lake or pool. Despite sparse rain showers, gardens seem to have done well. My friends with green thumbs have keep us supplied with tomatoes and zucchini and local farm stands have been loaded with tasseled ears of corn allowing for samplings to find the sweetest.

Even with the cancelation of many major events, people had been able to find things to keep themselves occupied and have found ways to find enjoy their families. Life goes on and although our large family reunions were cancelled we were able to gather in smaller groups, mostly outdoors to celebrate wedding and remember the lives of lost loved ones.

As August dwindles, thoughts of returning to school arise. This year will be like none other with most districts adopting a hybrid system to teach in the classroom and from home.

Even as businesses continue to reopen there still is the possibility of the situation reverting to a shutdown. There is a lot of controversy over the politics and policies of the pandemic. As with anything in life I personally feel we should each take in as much information as we can, see what works for ourselves and move forward not imposing our beliefs on others but doing the best we can for ourselves but remembering to respect others. My high school civics teacher, John McDonald, said your civil liberties end at the tip of your nose — you can only have your own freedom if you don’t impose on someone else’s. With so much information and so many conflicting ideas, it is difficult to determine what is right concerning the pandemic ... if there really is one. However, with anything else in a civilized community, we need to follow the rules which have been set up. We don’t have to like them we just need to follow them.


There’s only a couple of weeks left to participate in the summer travel contest. This summer the Journal & Republican is encouraging our readers to take a car ride and explore the history of the north country through the blue and gold roadside historical markers. The deadline for the contest has been extended until the first day of autumn, Sept. 22, Take a selfie with one of the signs for a special Journal & Republican feature — “Where in the North Country are We?” which will be published in the paper. Include the names and residence of the people in the photo and where it was taken. Send the photos via email to or by mail to the Journal office, 7840 State Route 26, Suite 9, Lowville, NY 13367. Those submitting photos will be included in a drawing for a subscription to the Journal & Republican.


Just a reminder to our subscribers to report failed delivery to 315-782-1012 as soon as you realize you were missed. Often the carrier is still on his route and can stop back or the paper can be put out for the following day.

Hours of operation for the Journal and Republican office, located in the former Climax building, 7840 State Route 26, Lowville are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are mailing us anything please include Suite 9 in the address to better ensure prompt delivery.

Our staff is also available by phone. To contact editor Elaine Avallone, call 315-377-6004; Julie Abbass, reporter for Lewis County, 315-377-6003; advertising executive Yvonne Houppert, 315-377-6002.

Much of our customer service for circulation, obituaries and classified advertising is handled through the corporation offices. For delivery or subscriptions call circulation at 315-782-1012. To place an obituary, 315-661-2420, and classified advertising, 315-782-0400 — our deadline is noon Friday prior to publication.

Editor Elaine M. Avallone welcomes feedback from readers. She may be reached via email at or by phone or 315-377-6005.


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