AOC must drop the victim card

Stefani Reynolds/CNP/Zuma Press/Tribune News ServiceU.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., speaks June 22 during the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on Capitol Hill.

The following editorial appeared in the New York Daily News on July 13:

NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) — New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the world to know she is being victimized. Because of her race. By House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And so, she claims, are fellow newbies Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

The complaints would be laughable were they not toxic to civil conversation and damaging to Democrats who must suspend petty internecine squabbling to defeat President Trump next year.

The spark that set off Ocasio-Cortez’s siren: Pelosi, responsible for steering a large and ideologically diverse caucus, urged the group to keep disagreements inside the tent, reminding them that “They’re four people, and that’s how many votes they got.”

Which triggered AOC, sounding more like a college freshman demanding a safe space than a freshman lawmaker, to decry “the persistent ... the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color,” which she deemed “outright disrespectful.”

It is deeply disheartening to see someone as smart, talented and otherwise savvy as this fail such a big political test.

Ocasio-Cortez surely knows she is one of 235 Democrats, who happens to represent a safe district in a liberal city. Surely she knows the size of her small band of pure progressives pales in comparison to that of the moderate New Democrat Coalition, now 101 members strong.

Surely she knows Omar was not picked on by Pelosi; she singled herself out by claiming Jewish Americans had dual loyalties and were motivated only by money.

Surely she knows intra-party fights are a tradition older than the Hill itself. Just four years ago, Speaker John Boehner wrestled the hard-right Freedom Caucus over budget and spending votes. Some members even lost committee posts in the process. They all happened to be white men; nobody howled about race or gender.

Republicans have long claimed Democrats too quickly resort to pulling identity cards when criticized. One of the Democrats’ brightest young stars shouldn’t help prove them right.

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How can the writer say how intelligent AOC is with some of the out of touch statements and proposals she has?


Correction: Ilhan Omar took Keith Ellison's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ellison resigned to run for Minnesota Attorney General and won.


You forgot to add that your assessment of Trump's racist rant, and yours, was based on ignorance. Maybe you've forgotten Lindsey Graham's telling outburst about the "squad" "They don't love Israel. They don't love America." Notice which one the flakey cracker puts FIRST! Notice which one iis most important to the Republican Senator from South Carolina. I. Omar is correct, but she failed to add the same comment about Southern evangelicals. IF Trump really cared about illegal immigrants, he'd order his latest wife deported for lying her way into the US. SHE is completely unqualified for an "Einstein visa".


One of the squad of 4 representative Omar defeated another black muslim American for the 5th district of Minnesota. Ellison served 12 years in the U.S. Congress. The 5th district is 63% white seemingly not representative of Omars words, "jews in America have divided loyalty." Trump may have a better grip on this legislators "motives" than others criticizing her. The comment seems to have been in support of muslims not constituents in Minnesota's 5th congressional district. This gives credibility to president Trumps words, "send them back" at least for this legislator. Represent Americans of all races rep Omar not just muslims.


It has been the Democrats strategy in the last few years to allow as many illegal aliens across our southern border as possible, then legislate their U.S. citizenship. The thought they had was, Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Instant Democrat voters. And that is what's happening.....BUT....those new voters are not voting for established Democrat candidates, they are voting for the Democrat candidates who are Socialists. Hence the new Gang of Four arriving in Congress in 2018. The Democrats now have a real problem. The more the southern border is violated, the more Socialist voters, not Democrat voters, we get.

hermit thrush

your first sentence is an insane lie, and then it goes downhill from there. obama was known as the deporter-in-chief. since trump has come into office we've had more unauthorized border crossings, not fewer. the republican party writ large is living in a fantasy land and it is doing enormous damage to our country.


We do have more people trying to get across the border due to past policy and now we need to reverse that. Come here legally and we'll open our arms; sneak in and you can go back to where you came from.


Another good comment. But to stay on topic Ocasio is ok by me. I don’t believe in basically anything she says nor do I support her economic “policies” as neither do many of her party supporters but she has the right to stand up for what she believes, won an election and gets a seat at the table. The victim card is a bit annoying (see the president as well on this) but AOC, Obama, trump...they all represent a greater signal from voters looking for choices that don’t come from within the DC beltway. Immigration politics aside many trends...they come and go and ms Cortez is most likely the same

Airball55 So who is telling the truth? Follow the link


Wow our favorite perv


This letter seems to me to be full of misinformation.


Trump didn't mind as long as they kept his golf courses, resorts, and casinos clean and didn't ask for decent wages. Did he?

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