Buying into Biden’s America

Joe Biden

The following editorial appeared in the New York Daily News on July 12:

NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) — Bye-bye, “America First”! Hello, “Buy American”?

Seeking to evict Donald Trump from the White House at a time of sudden mass unemployment, former Vice President Joe Biden last week offered a vision that echoes some of Trump’s own economic populism — while addressing the incompetence exposed during the pandemic.

Biden promises to spend $400 billion on materials and services made in the U.S., plus another $300 billion on U.S.-based research and development involving electric cars, artificial intelligence, clean-energy initiatives and similar technologies. We second such a push; federal dollars will pay major economic dividends down the road.

Given the PPE shortage states have faced in the pandemic, Biden promises to launch a 100-day supply chain review requiring federal agencies to buy only U.S.-manufactured medical supplies and other goods, while lifting any regulations on the procurement side. Again, wise.

Pushing back against the progressive Green New Deal preferences, and with an eye to his childhood roots in electoral votes-rich Pennsylvania, Biden remains a supporter of fracking for natural gas. Good.

This week, the soon-to-be Democratic nominee will build on his vision with a blueprint to restore U.S. manufacturing, embarrassing the man who gained the White House with a reputation as a builder.

A cloud in the sky: With Biden abandoning much of the rhetoric of free-trade, neither major party candidate now has the stomach to make the case for opening new markets. Trump’s complaint that the world rips America’s off seems to have stuck.

But overall, Americans should buy what Biden’s selling.

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(26) comments

Charlie McGrath

Amazon paid no tax in 2017 and 2018. I would be ashamed to be part owner of a corporation that did not pay their "fair share".


Good for you. I hope you don’t have any investment holdings in indexes, either stocks or bonds, then. Just because I own stock in them doesn’t mean I don’t want them to pay as much as they should. To that end, I vote for Democratic politicians who will, hopefully given the chance, enact policies requiring companies like Amazon to pay what they should.


Lobbyists and legislators who listen to them have made the tax code a mess. But my district getting pork is more important.


Consider the source. The Daily News is to news as Aesop Fables is to reality. They’ve self destructed themselves by going so far left as the Democrats are doing to themselves. Journalists, right, I suppose it's because the job they have chosen (or absently fallen into due to lack of any truly valuable skills) is so vapid and useless, that the only way they can make themselves feel important (note: they still aren't actually important) is to inject themselves into the current events. Sad situation if you ask me..


So, your only response to the piece is to make ad hominem attacks on journalists and the Daily News and to use the wrong right. The sad situation is that Trump Followers have such a hard time with homonyms and productive debate.

Holmes -- the real one


Holmes -- the real one

Fake "Holmes" -- this comment is a classic.

Thanks for resurrecting your ploy to compare news sources to Aesop's Fables. You do know what Aesop's Fables are, don't you? They are lessons presented as a story with a moral at the end. Here is one that applies directly to your comment: The Fox and the Grapes

Moving on to English usage, something that you frequently take the time to address when you reply to a comment, look back at what you have written. No fluent native English speaker would ever employ the construction, "self-destructed themselves." Interestingly, the word in Russian requires the redundant “themselves” part. But then there are a lot of redundancies and double negatives found in the Russian language – for instance this one: ты ничего не знаешь – which, when translated literally says, you nothing not know, but which actually means, you know nothing.

Come on now. Surely, if you just take a step back and try to look at this comment objectively, it should be clear that nobody is going to take this stuff seriously.

Holmes -- the real one

The ramifications of having useless yet cruel as well as incompetent leadership are more tolerable if you distance yourself from any emotions and remember that it’s all just water under where there used to be a bridge before it was burned down.


Biden is a bag of wind without any solutions to anything. 40+ years in DC including 8 in the Whitehouse and the only thing he has accomplished is getting wealthy. A useless Swamp Dweller.

hermit thrush

trump's economy was no different than the obama-biden economy, which makes accusing biden of being "without any solutions" kind of awkward for you. biden was well-known as one of the, if not the, least affluent members of the senate.

Charlie McGrath

Why didn't he bring back manufacturing when he was in the White House for eight years? His boss said it would take a magic wand to bring back manufacturing. Biden wants to raise taxes roll back deregulation and spend. Not a good economic plan. Trump on the other hand did bring back the economy, jobs and prosperity until Covid. Biden's circle of influence is infested with socialists and communists who will be running his show. Buying what "they" are selling will cause you to go broke.

hermit thrush

all that happened under trump is that he inherited a decent economy from obama and then that same economy kept chugging along. unemployment steadily decreased under obama, and then it decreased some more under trump. gdp growth under trump was no better than at the end of obama's term. job growth actually slowed a bit under trump (even before the pandemic hit). the biggest difference is that trump passed a big tax cut which did nothing except blow up the deficit. your talk about "socialists and communists" is the same lunacy republicans always trot out at election time.


If you say so. Just keep telling yourself this...

hermit thrush

people like me actually look up the numbers (which are exactly as i'm saying). people like you are the ones who just keep telling themselves what they wish to be true.


I really wonder how many of you liberals have a degree in business, finance, accounting, etc. Anyone who has studied economics knows that regulations and taxation are burdens on an economy. An airplane, race car, boat, or even a person can perform better without a heavy load. The problem is that the Dems are led entirely by lawyers and give no credence to businessmen. Obama/Biden didnt know nuthin' about unburdening, only burdening.


An airplane, race car, boat, or even a person can perform better without a heavy load.

I have an associate in business admin. FWIW, I’m retired anyway. So, I’ve taken micro and macro. I don’t remember that analogy anywhere. Probably just as well.

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” How do we have society without taxes? If there’s a country without them I don’t want to live there. You’re welcome to it. Yours would be less if the rich paid their share. Come join La Revolucion.

I live very near the Hudson River and the GE plant in Fort Edward. A few regulations might have kept a whole lotta PCBs outta the river. I don’t know the Watertown area, but I suspect there are environmental disasters of some sort around.


correct., what the FWIW does FWIW mean? Yet another tactic to confuse the convo.


FWIW = For What It’s Worth

Holmes -- the real one

Speak to us of your background in business, finance, accounting, etc.

Tell us about your study of economics.

Support your conclusions with a reference to your background and provide citations.


There are different schools of economics that have very different theories. It's not like where you learn the immutable truth from an authority figure and now none of the unwashed masses can dispute you. One word: externalities.


Com' on CM!!! Your amnesia on the state of the economy at the end of the Bush era is too obvious.. I can't disagree with Trump's affect on the economy... but the GOP can't control his daily irrational tweets...lack of class...embarassing comments.. if he'd at least try to act presidential, he'd get some support from the swing voters... that won't happen...

Charlie McGrath

What do any of your personal criticisms of Trump have to do with the economy? That's what liberals have; name calling and shout downs. Pitbull seems to have at learned from his education. Taxes and regulations do hurt the economy. I hope my MBA and 40 years experience in the financial world doesn't come crashing down with all these"new economics". Civilized society? Giving the government more money means we have less. Do they know how to our money better than us? Rich people pay most of the taxes. The general rule is "if you make and have more money than me then you aren't paying your fair share. Does that sound about right? I've worked for many rich people and liberals would choke on those numbers. Our politicians know that but they would like to distract us. While we engage in class warfare they stand back and loot the treasury. Retired liberals get checks from their pension plans that are invested in evil corporations. What hypocrites. I hope that KRobbins doesn't have her pension in a successful corporation's stock that doesn't pay their fair share.

hermit thrush

"Giving the government more money means we have less."

no no no! it's not that this is 100% wrong, but it's still really wrong, and it seems to undergird a lot of misplaced right-wing thinking. monetary policy is a real thing for any country or block of countries which prints its own currency, it's very important, and it's totally missing from cm's childishly simplistic framework.


That's what liberals have; name calling and shout downs.

Name calling? Do you know Donald Trump? I’d like to think any epithet I use is well-deserved and I’m prepared to defend them. Dear Leader? I’m certain Trump would like that. Trump Followers? Just calling cultists, cultists.

If you want to think the system in this country is perfectly fair and rich pay more than anyone and whatever. I don’t care. I like capitalism as well as anyone. I bought 15 shares of Amazon when Trump was trashing Bezos everyday. Some of the name calling referred to above. Spite investing works. It’s up over 125%. I still want Bezos and Amazon to have to pay their fair share in taxes. Buffett used to say his secretary paid more than he did. Warren Buffett knows even if you don’t.



Holmes -- the real one

The economy? You are praising Trump's handling of the economy?


What sort of work did you gravitate to with your "MBA and 40 years of experience"?

What "general rule" are you referring to? Or is this just your idea that you are presenting as a general rule?

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