There are 25 of these Seaway Festival buttons. If you have a button that is winking, you need to turn in the button to receive your prize by calling 315-393-3518. Submitted photo


The Seaway Festival committee deserves a round of applause for the week-long celebration that we had just witnessed.

The festival had the tried and true events that mark its schedule every year like the craft show at Lockwood Arena, the Oswegatchie Golf Challenge, Ogdensburg’s Got Talent to the many concerts in the park.

Then they brought in a cornhole tournament at the Moose Lodge and it had 17 teams. For a new event, it was ran properly, game play was smooth and the action was fast and furious the short time I was there. Perfect.

What’s great is that the public came out to enjoy the festival after being cooped up for almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s exactly what this area needed.

The fireworks show was great. I mean I could see them go off from my front porch that’s how expansive they were. The parade, while a little smaller and ending quicker than in the past, was widely received and enjoyed by the crowd of people who had flocked to Ford Street.

Next year it will be great to get the marching bands back in action, who were sidelined due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Thank you to the Seaway Festival committee!


As a way to help celebrate the Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival, Johnson Newspaper Corp. has offered a yearly subscription for only $21 for those in St. Lawrence County. Cost for out-of-county subscriptions will be $36 due to shipping costs.

This special will only last until the end of business on Friday, Aug. 6.

If you are interested, call our circulation office at 315-782-1012.

Now is the time to subscribe to a weekly newspaper with a mission of providing local news and sports, information and advertising to enhance the lives of the people in the City of Ogdensburg as well as its neighboring townships.


Oscar’s Night was most definitely a success on July 28.

The mob of people who descended on the Martine Field House attested to that.

It was a night of recalling the good times people had at Oscar’s, a time of getting together with friends and family and enjoying some of the food that people grew up on. I mean, I even heard a great love story that had all started by a chance encounter at Oscar’s.

The salad (I only had a bite, I was saving my appetite) was exactly how I remembered and the signature pizza was well worth the wait. It was Oscar’s, plain and simple, right down to the crispy crust.

It was nice to see former waitresses and friends of the Anderson family help out that night. I saw Tammy Amo, Nichole Kennedy and Maureen (Kelly) Silver to name a few. Even Marsha Hough, Barbara O’Keefe and Jen Stevenson were busy busing tables.

What really impressed me was when a drink spilled behind my table. Maureen flew in with a mop and with a technique she must have learned over the years from Chuck himself, had it cleaned up quickly and efficiently. It was a sight to see!

Thank you Amy Anderson, Casey Plumley and all of the Anderson family and friends for putting on this special Oscar’s Night.

The Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club were not the only ones to benefit from the festivities that night.

We all did.


“A Little Something Extra,” Ogdensburg Free Academy’s school-run pantry, will be offering back to school nights for each of its three facilities this month.

It will be held at Kennedy Elementary School on Monday, Aug. 16 followed by Madill Elementary School on Tuesday, Aug. 17. Ogdensburg Free Academy’s night will take place on Monday, Aug. 23. All of the programs will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

To request supplies, please complete a Google form found at the following link — Forms must be completed by Aug. 11. A separate form must be completed for each student.

Besides supplies being handed out, there will be snacks, crafts and free books.

There will be hygiene care packages available for middle/high school students.

For any additional information, contact


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This column is dedicated to the late Charles W. “Chuck” Kelly

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