“Birds from every continent except Antarctica have been photographed nesting or tangled in our rubbish. Photos were submitted by people from all over the world to an online project called Birds and Debris,” the article reported. “The scientists running the project say they see birds ensnared — or nesting — in everything from rope and fishing line to balloon ribbon and a flip-flop. Nearly a quarter of the photographs show birds nesting or entangled in disposable face masks. The focus of the project is on capturing the impact of waste — particularly plastic pollution — on the avian world.”

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At one time, I lived and worked in Sierra Leone, W. Africa. The proliferation of plastic was shocking, the magnitude was incomprehensible, and the visual experience was mind-blowing... an entire civilization dependent on plastic for lack of useful, functional and bio-degradable alternatives. A civilization drowning in plastic.

Over the Easter holidays, I traveled to Freetown, the capital city. One afternoon, I was sitting on the third floor deck of my hotel room, peering over the cliff into the sea. I kept hearing a dog bark and yelp incessantly. Then, I located it. It was tied up in the back yard of a tiny tin hut situated on a hill a few hundred feet back from the cliff. A boy, maybe 12 or so, was ferociously beating the tethered dog with a stick. All of a sudden, a man exited the hut, seized the stick, and began beating the boy with it. Soon, the lashing moved inside the hut. The hut was jiggling, teetering, and swaying back and forth until it somersaulted forward, horrifyingly over and over, until it crashed on the cliff, disintegrated and expelled its contents, the brunt of which were hundreds of colorful plastic bags that soared upward, sailing and flittering in the azure sky.

A plastic spectacle consistent with a plastic tragedy.


When hasn’t the world been in a ‘worldwide crisis’ ? More fear mongering are we?

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