Canadian Thanksgiving a great holiday

This editorial appeared in the Press-Republican on Oct. 12:

PLATTSBURGH — We are rapidly approaching the fourth Thursday in November when we in the U.S. celebrate a national day of Thanksgiving.

Despite the strain of the coronavirus pandemic, rising costs, political division and so many other worries, we still have much to be thankful for in this country. One of the things we are grateful for is our Canadian friends and neighbors to the north.

We haven’t been able to engage much with them the past 19 months because cross-border travel has been restricted due to the pandemic, but we still are grateful for them. In good times, Canadians fill our streets in droves, shopping at our stores, eating at our restaurants, swimming at our beaches, sailing out of our marinas, recreating in our parks and playlands and adding to our culture.

They are also our relatives. Just look at the names dotting this landscape: Trombley, Rabideau, LeClair, Provost and so on and so on.

The past 19 months have been weird not seeing the white license plates adorned with Je Me Souviens in blue rolling along our roads, and filling our parking lots. Somehow, we’ve managed to keep our sales tax revenues up without them, but imagine what it would be if the border was open.

While we greatly anticipate another Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate, we recognize that our Canadian friends celebrated their Thanksgiving on Monday. The Canadians have been celebrating a national day of thanks since 1879, and officially, via a parliamentary order, on the second Tuesday in October since 1957.

It is much like our holiday in that families gather for a big feast that usually features a turkey or ham, and a table full of side dishes. And, of course, there are plenty of pies to go around for dessert as well. They even watch a bit of football as the Canadian Football League hosts a doubleheader on television.

Hopefully, Canadians know how much they mean to us and that we are grateful for them in so many ways. And we are pretty sure that they feel the same way about us.

No doubt, one of the many things in life that Canadians gave thanks for [Monday] was their friends to the south here in the north country. We certainly appreciate it.

It’s been a great relationship for both of us and one that is definitely worth celebrating. … Merci Canada, and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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