This editorial appeared in the Press-Republican on Sept. 15:

PLATTSBURGH — Anyone who wants to help bolster the local economy can easily do so by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask and avoiding large crowds.

These are all the steps that help us combat COVID-19, which has been responsible for serious damage to the economy in many ways as well as our health.

Ending the pandemic certainly is important for the health and safety of us all, but it will also be a major key in rebuilding the economic landscape.

During the past 18 months, we’ve seen businesses close, workers furloughed, staffing shortages galore, a shortage of goods and rising prices on some commodities.

The economic damage rivals the health damage and it all adds up to a bleak situation.

Not to mention, our social lives have been negatively affected, and it seems to be getting worse, and more and more events are once again being canceled due to the rise in [novel coronavirus] positive cases in the region.

No one wants to go back to empty streets and more closed storefronts.

We do have the tools to get back on track.

The sooner we end this pandemic, the sooner we can get back to a more robust economy, more events and a better life.

The vaccination rate has been creeping up lately, but it is still way too slow, and there are still too many people who will not even consider getting the shot.

This is hard to figure since many of those not willing to get vaccinated and who do not want to wear a mask are among the first to complain about the economy.

We shouldn’t wait for government to get us out of this mess as we’ve seen too many conflicting messages regarding COVID-19 this past year and a half.

This past weekend, we saw NFL stadiums full of people, shoulder to shoulder and most of them were not wearing masks as far as we could see on television.

Government seems satisfied that this is OK even as COVID cases rise mostly due to the delta variant.

It is true that if most of those fans are vaccinated that they are not likely to be hospitalized or die, but you have to figure that such events are bound to be super spreaders, and that will put a strain on our healthcare system, which is also hurting.

When local events are canceled, restaurants closed and shelves empty, people think of those football games and can’t help but be frustrated.

The one sure way we can battle out of this pandemic is to take the steps we know work: get vaccinated, wear a mask and avoid large crowds.

With the colder weather fast approaching and the prospect for spending more time indoors, the urgency is greater than ever.

We don’t want another winter like last year, and with the way [the coronavirus] is still spreading, it could be worse.

Get vaccinated, wear a mask, avoid large crowds and save lives and jobs.

Stay safe, north country.

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In order to reject any one of the lies of the media sources that are pushing antivax propaganda you have to admit that source is a liar. If most of what you believe came from that source, then that amounts to admitting most of what you believe may not be true. It's a big leap. So those who have been taken in, and who are being used by these sources, think they have no choice but to double down. It's like a police officer who lets a crime go, for whatever reason, and now can have that lenience used as blackmail leverage. Or like when someone constantly insists their own failures be forgiven yet who is totally unforgiving to others while using the advantages generated by those "mistakes". The perpetrator is wrong in so many ways that the wrongness itself functions as armor. There's nothing but bad faith going on.


I realize it’s super cynical and I feel conspiratorial saying it but I believe there are a large number of people on the right willing to sacrifice lives to harm the economy because Biden is president. You look at those on Fox News railing against mandates that call for weekly testing for people not willing to be vaccinated. Yet Fox themselves tests those not vaccinated daily. Do they speak out against their own company? Their whole message is anti-vaxx and at best it’s a message of “you have a choice not to get vaccinated.” OANN, Newsmax, rightwing radio and internet are all the same. Ironically, there are at least 5 radio talkers who were anti-vaxx who’ve died now from Covid.

Republican politicians, if not outwardly anti-vaxx like Rand Paul, say nothing when they should be continually urging vaccinations. Stefanik is too busy with culture war nonsense. Disgraceful.

I’m so sad for the folks that are victims not only of the disease, but of the disinformation that causes them to not take the easy step of getting jabbed. Disinformation and lack of informing them has sources, tho.

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