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The Impossible Dream Thrift Store, part of Watertown Urban Mission, reopened Wednesday. Many home and clothing items are for sale. Rachel Burt/Watertown Daily Times

The Watertown Urban Mission’s Impossible Dream Thrift Store opened again for business last week after it temporarily closed for remodeling.

The organization shut down the store’s operations for about two months. Renovation work was carried out to create its Community Assessment Resource Center. Organizations will be able to use this space to provide information on how people can track down help with housing issues.

Given the gravity of homelessness, this will be a welcome addition to the group’s objectives. It’s great that the Impossible Dream Thrift Store reopened to provide reasonably priced items while bringing in needed revenue for the Watertown Urban Mission.

The thrift store, 247 Factory St., relies upon donations to conduct its business. But some people have used it as a place to dump unwanted junk.

Torn clothes and broken furniture have been left outside. Shoes with no matches were abandoned at the site.

The store was previously able to accept ripped clothing to be used as textiles in developing nations. But this market was disrupted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the Watertown Urban Mission has no way of disposing of unusable items left there.

People need to be mindful of items they want to donate to the thrift store. It can’t accept anything and everything. They should weigh whether they would give an article or clothing, piece of furniture or household good to a loved one in its condition.

Contact the organization 315-782-8440 to find out what items it needs and what rules apply to donations. This is a philanthropic enterprise, not a trash landfill. Give it the respect it deserves in carrying out its vital services.

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