This editorial was originally published in the May 10, 2015, edition of the Watertown Daily Times:

* * *

She brings forth life, produces food and assuages fears of the unknown.

The role of mother is as varied as it is glorious. She is a baby’s first dietician, chief medical officer, instructor, activities director and counselor.

She bathes her offspring, nurses them, helps them begin to walk, cleanses wounds, teaches them how to obtain food and guides them in learning about the wider world. She watches over her young when they sleep and puts herself in harm’s way to protect them.

The mother is key to creating a safe and comfortable environment for her offspring to develop. She maintains peace among siblings and disciplines her children when they’re out of line. A mother delights in seeing her young mature but mourns when they grow up too quickly and leave the nest.

These qualities of motherhood are universal among most living beings. There is something about the maternal instinct that makes a mother so uniquely qualified for the tasks she faces.

But because we are more intellectually and emotionally complex than other creatures, humans take motherhood more seriously. This is because the most important lesson mothers convey to their children is how to love.

Daughters find particular satisfaction when they take Mom on a shopping spree. It’s a bonding experience like few others.

And no matter where they end up living or how they’re making ends meet, sons have a moral obligation to call their mother regularly to see how she’s faring. Apron strings are never so short that guys can’t check in with Mom once in a while.

Americans across the country are now celebrating Mother’s Day. This is a time when we honor our mothers for all the extraordinary ways they have enriched our lives. We shower our moms with gifts, flowers and cards as a way — however small — to express our love and appreciation.

Conveying how much motherhood means to us is no easy task. It was our mothers who brought us into the world in the first place, so how can you repay such a debt?

In the end, we cannot. But this doesn’t matter. For just as the many functions that mothers perform can be exhausting, in total they are even more rewarding.

What greater joy can a mother experience than to bask in the company of her adoring family? Could there possibly be richer returns for a lifetime of effort and struggle?

This occasion may be a minor attempt on our part to thank these wonderful women for all they’ve done.

But it’s meaningful for moms everywhere to receive such love. It’s this very link between life-giver and offspring that makes motherhood so powerful and fulfilling.

Happy Mother’s Day.

* * *

As a postscript to this editorial we published five years ago, we feel the need to reflect on how joyous occasions such as Mother’s Day are being celebrated during the novel coronavirus pandemic. We sincerely believe that above all else, mothers desire the loving presence of their children.

But in-person visitations are strongly discouraged this year for many of us. We urge readers to find other methods (video chats on computers or conversations on cellphones) to “be there” for Mom.

Let’s all look forward to the day when we’ll once again be able to wrap our arms around our mothers to express our deep love for them.

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"It's this very link between life-giver and offspring that makes motherhood so powerful and fulfilling."

When motherhood's power and fulfillment rest on the link between life-giver and offspring, it excludes mothers who mother adopted children, single men who mother children due to divorce, death, or other circumstances, grandparents, aunts and uncles who mother their children's or siblings' children, same-sex partners and spouses who mother children they have adopted, come into through surrogacy, or by other means, etc.

It's time we recognize that motherhood is not gender-specific, nor does it necessarily entail having been a life-giver. It's not who or what mothers are, or how or why they came into mothering. It's what they do. They act as primary and essential lovers, nurturers and caregivers of children.

It's time we recognize the diverse assortment of people, today, who mother children, identify as mothers, and merit our recognition and appreciation on this Mother's Day and every day.

Holmes -- the real one

What a wonderful comment, zeitgeist !

I agree completely. We are entirely too quick to think in terms of stereotypes.

Happy Mother's Day to you! I salute you.


The left’s war on words is just an attempt to manipulate your mind. The easiest way to replace something sometimes is to destroy what’s already there. When you realize that you understand why all this happening. A ball is not a stove is not a duck. Reality is what matters.


A "Christian" is somebody who votes for a man who bangs adult film stars while his third wife is pregnant. A "Job Creator" is like Elon Musk who makes self-driving semi trucks that will put every truck driver in America out of a job. "Family Values" means getting married four times and taking so many pills you go deaf, like Rush Limbaugh.

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