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Kari Aubertine receives the 2021 Cape Vincent Citizen of the Year award Oct. 26 by her father-in-law, former state Sen. Darrell Aubertine, at the Wise Guys restaurant in Chaumont. Alex Gault/Watertown Daily Times

When something important needs to be done, Kari Aubertine isn’t shy about lending a hand.

During the summer, she oversaw the Cape Vincent summer youth recreation program through the Youth Commission. An average of 36 children participated in the program every day.

Aubertine and her husband, Paul, have three kids of their own. She wanted to ensure her children had something to do during the summer, and she took on running the entire program herself.

“I was surprised by how well-received it was,” she said in a story published Monday by the Watertown Daily Times. “The rec hall caretaker said he’d never seen so many kids all at once in the park.”

Aubertine is no stranger to worthy causes in Cape Vincent. She volunteers for many organizations in addition to serving as a health teacher at Lyme Central School.

She instructs children in yoga over the summer, and she and her mother hold a yard sale each year with proceeds benefiting the Cape Vincent Food Pantry (they donated $700 to the pantry this year). Aubertine and her husband also run a family farm.

It was no surprise, then, that Aubertine was selected as the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year. Her father-in-law, former state Sen. Darrell Aubertine, presented her with the award Oct. 26 at the Wise Guys restaurant in Chaumont.

“If you want the job done, find a busy person to do it,” Darrell Aubertine said. “And as most of you know, Kari is indeed a busy person. “Kari is very active and very energetic. … She’s faced a lot of obstacles over the past few years. And she’s faced them head on with poise and most importantly, I believe, with optimism.”

With a sense of modesty that’s typical of true community leaders, Aubertine said she was shocked and grateful to receive this year’s award. She joins a distinguished list of individuals who have served as the backbone of Cape Vincent. We congratulate Aubertine on this honor and wish her well in her future endeavors.

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