Cooler heads must now prevail

Law enforcement agents block off streets surrounding the bus station where two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot and gravely injured Sept. 12 in Compton, Calif. Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times/Tribune News Service

The following editorial appeared in the Star Tribune on Sept. 20:

MINNEAPOLIS (Tribune News Service) — Police officers shouldn’t be attacked or killed just because they’ve chosen the dangerous job to protect and serve their fellow citizens. Nor should Black and brown people be injured or killed by cops because of the color of their skin.

But as those types of tragedies continue to occur in America, they feed a national sense of fear and rage.

Most recently, the horrific shooting of two Compton, Calif., sheriff’s deputies as they sat in their marked SUV ratcheted up that rage. The shooting, captured on video, showed a lone gunman run up to the window and shoot the officers multiple times.

A crowd that formed outside the hospital where the officers were treated reportedly shouted, “Death to police” and “We hope they die” while they tried to block emergency entrances.

It seems obvious that none of this advances police reform, reduces gun violence or protects people of color from excessive force at the hands of police. Instead, it creates more anger and division.

Some use social media to make matters worse, such as by hijacking the legitimate purpose of Black Lives Matter to promote violence and by publishing anti-police screeds.

A recent report from the Network Contagion Research Institute documents the online use of toxic, anti-police slogans, some of which include images of cops being shot or squad cars burning.

The research group also reports that right-wing extremists, including white supremacists, have been active on social media and have been responsible for more violence nationally, according to federal officials.

Those responsible for carrying out that violence, including the shooter in Compton, must be held accountable. And the difficult work of meaningful reform in law enforcement must continue.

Americans are better than this.

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In this article's very first paragraph it states, " Nor should Black and brown people be injured or killed by cops because of the color of their skin." And that is the problem and will always be the problem. These confrontations with police are NOT because of the color of ones skin. Until everybody realizes that, the rioting, arson, and assaults will continue.


If God is kind to us we’ll have Joe Biden for a president in January and maybe we can start turning the temperature down some. The president we have now has done nothing to appeal to anyone outside his cult. He’s made no attempt to be a leader for the entire country. Of course, rightwing media will do everything they can to destroy a Biden presidency as they did with Obama. Birtherism anyone? Merritt Garland?

The Republican Party is in its death throes. That’s why they know they need to get another justice. Quickly. Trump is going to lose and they’re going to lose the Senate.


Your comment drips with rage, the key word in the title of the article. Fairly ironic, but then again ...


You can read my comments in any tone you please. It’d be nice if you left substantive responses now and then tho. Can I assume aside from my “rage” everything I said is accurate then?


OK, here's some substance. Trump has changed the way we see China as a competitor. We have begun to bring manufacturing jobs back to our shores instead of pretending we don't have the wherewithal to do things for ourselves. We destroyed ISIS. We haven't had a radical Islamic attack on this country for a long time. We moved our embassy to the capital of Israel, thereby treating them just like every other country in the world. We gave health care choices to our veterans and improved the quality of the VA system. We began the process of rebuilding our depleted military. We established a new branch of the DOD. We made strides forward in the economy in terms of employment, efficiency, and stock valuation. We gave all Americans a tax cut. We cut regulations to reduce burdens on businesses that we all rely on. We added two super qualified justices to the SC. We reestablished manned rocket launches from the US. We got European countries to begin paying more for their own defense. All this while defending ourselves from baseless attacks from the left flank. The "we" statements are intentional. They are American accomplishments led by none other than Donald Trump. Substantive enough or do you want links and footnotes?

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