As the state continues to close its COVID-19 vaccination sites, county public health officials have worked overtime to provide the necessary resources to keep people in Northern New York safe.

The state-run clinic at SUNY Potsdam closed June 21. And its facility near the Plattsburgh International Airport will end its operations Monday.

State authorities have been scaling back these facilities since they reached a benchmark last month. More than 70% of adult New Yorkers received at least vaccination by June 18.

The state-run clinics were critical when they began earlier this year. County public health departments quickly filled in the gaps and opened their own sites. This meant that people were offered numerous opportunities to be immunized at a location convenient to them.

According to state data, the rates of all people in the northern and central parts of New York who have received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Wednesday are as follows:

n Clinton County, 60% (69.2% for adults)

n Essex County, 60.9% (69% for adults)

n Franklin County, 49.6% (58.4% for adults)

n Hamilton County, 72.2% (80.7% for adults)

n Herkimer County, 46.9% (56.5% for adults)

n Jefferson County, 51.2% (64.2% for adults)

n Lewis County, 42.3% (52.5% for adults)

n Oneida County, 52% (62.8% for adults)

n Onondago County, 62.7% (75% for adults)

n Oswego County, 52.3% (62.9% for adults)

n St. Lawrence County, 51.9% (61.4% for adults)

n Warren County, 65.7% (76.5% for adults)

It’s good news that progress on this front continues to be made. But more work needs to be done. Public health authorities remain vigilant about ensuring as many people are vaccinated as possible.

Vaccines may be obtained by contacting the public health department in each county. Some counties hold off-site clinics to make it easier for rural residents in more remote sections of the state to receive a shot.

People should contact the following public health departments for more information about scheduling an appointment for a vaccine:

n Clinton County, 518-565-4798 (visit online)

n Essex County, 518-873-3500 (visit online)

n Franklin County, 518-481-1709 (visit online)

n Hamilton County, 518-648-6497 (visit online)

n Herkimer County, 315-867-1176 (visit online)

n Jefferson County, 315-786-3770 (visit online)

n Lewis County, 315-376-5453 (visit online)

n Oneida County, 315-798-6400 (visit online)

n Onondaga County, 315-435-3252 (visit online)

n Oswego County, 315-349-3545 (visit online)

n St. Lawrence County, 315-386-2325 (visit online)

n Warren County, 518-761-6200 (visit online)

Stay informed, and stay healthy. Getting vaccinated will protect people from becoming infected with the coronavirus and passing it on to others.

As more variants develop, reducing the number of people who can host the virus is essential. We’ll only get through this pandemic by working together.

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(2) comments


Why is it that Biden seems to care about saving the lives of Republicans in this country more than Republican politicians do? The only way around that is if they’re mostly anti-vaxxer. You’ve had MTG, Boebert and Cawthorn with the anti-vaxx message. Pretty much the same as rightwing media is shouting. DeSantis is selling anti-Fauci merch in Florida. Which, I understand the whole animus towards him anyway. Because he didn’t go along with the quack cures, I suppose.

Stefanik is in leadership now and she has nothing to say? She’s quick enough to condemn any Dem for the slightest offense. These people are pushing a message that will lead to more deaths than necessary, and it would stand to reason, more of them are going to be Republicans.


How can fewer than half the people in many of these counties want to avoid dying or suffering long term damage from a disease they could prevent with just getting jabbed? And the percentages given are for one dose, so this is not even fully vaxxed. One dose offers closer to no protection than full.

Don’t vacillate, just vaccinate.

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