President Donald Trump’s inclinations to behave like a spoiled brat have long been known.

He frequently picks fights with elected officials, celebrities and journalists who dare criticize him. He fixates on petty grievances to satisfy his insatiable need to even the score. He seems unable to let any perceived slight — no matter how minor — go unanswered.

When he controlled only his own business empire, Mr. Trump could get away with such antics more easily. If he was willing to accept the consequences of acting like a child, that’s his choice.

But he doesn’t grasp that for the past three years, he’s held a much more important job than real estate magnate and reality TV host. He’s the chief executive officer of the federal government, and this demands he accept the responsibilities that go along with it.

The only way he can do this is to behave like an adult. He needs to put his own interests aside and consider what he must accomplish on behalf of all Americans.

This is particularly true now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous lives are at stake, and they are put at greater risk each moment that Mr. Trump fritters away on self-serving tirades.

The president has bickered with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and other state officials across the country about what they need to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and treat people who have become sick. He publicly admitted that he recommended Vice President Mike Pence not return the calls of certain governors who do not appreciate what his administration provides.

Fortunately, Mr. Trump has some sensible people in his circle of confidants. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, assured governors they would get the resources they need.

Mr. Trump also felt it necessary to crow about the wonderful ratings that his press briefings are receiving.

“Because the ‘Ratings of my News Conferences etc. are so high, ‘Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers’ according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY. ‘Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him.’ said one lunatic. See you at 5:00 P.M.!” he tweeted Sunday.

This is not a popularity contest! People are frightened about what’s going on and want reliable information on how to best address the problem. Mr. Trump must focus on how he can be a trustworthy, calming presence for his constituents.

This means he also has to familiarize himself with the dynamics and nuances of this situation and tell the truth. But sadly, he often does not.

He quibbled with PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor on Sunday after she asked him about a statement he made. She reminded him that he claimed on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program that he didn’t believe state officials needed all the equipment they said was necessary.

Mr. Trump denied making this statement and told her not to be threatening. This certainly isn’t the first time the president has lied about comments he’s made that have been recorded on video and audio sources.

He periodically contradicts his own health care advisers on the state of the pandemic and how the government is responding to the crisis. He’s made assertions that are patently untrue. He also said he did not accept responsibility for mistakes made by his administration.

This is not leadership! We cannot afford to have our president wallow in self-delusions and petty squabbles during this time. Mr. Trump must arm himself with the best information from the professionals in his administration and level with us about how things are going.

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(33) comments


We are extremely fortunate that Donald Trump is our President during this time of crisis. I can't imagine having one of those idiots from the left in charge.

hermit thrush

ha ha ha ha ha!


Laugh all you want, Beng is right..

hermit thrush

there is no bottom to the trump cult. trump has spent his three years in office dismantling the pandemic response infrastructure put into place under obama. he has spent the past two months first denying there was any problem (all the while finding plenty of time for campaign rallies, golf, and cable news), and even now that he is belatedly admitting we are in a crisis, he is dragging his feet on truly acting like there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives at stake. the response to this from the fake holmes of the world will always be nothing more than ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

hermit thrush

the federal government just ordered 100,000 body bags. trump thinks he's doing a "very good job." beng and fake holmes agree with him. south korea has 165 official coronavirus deaths and has stabilized at around 100 new cases each day.

trump's base of support is full of delusional kooks.


Hypocrisy thy name is Pelosi. Her "fiddling" acr, while the emergency stimulus package was being put together would put Emperor Nero to shame.

hermit thrush

these are lies, but what does anyone expect from a diehard trumper?

keyser soze

It is impossible for anyone with a functional brain to see how Trump has been helpful in any way. In fact, his early botched approach to a national health crisis combined with his incessant lying has contributed to the mess we are now in; denying the seriousness of the problem, acting only when the stock market reacted, not differing to scientific experts, refusing to admits to problems such as lack of testing, politicizing the crisis all the while attacking his political opponents, using his briefings partly to bombastically promote himself, and refusing to take any responsibility.

The list goes on and on. More recently, he claims that testing is in “fine shape.”

Say what?

For me, he has ZERO credibility!

He is an empty vessel.


Here we go again. Lack of courage and decisiveness from New York leaders, and when it goes wrong, blame Trump. NY has no one to blame but its leaders!

Holmes -- the real one


What is the point of minimizing the corruption coming from the White House and from Republicans in general?

While there were plenty of hair-raising moments during his rambling morning session on Fox News, he did provide a quote that should be newsworthy. During a discussion about the $2 trillion stimulus package he just signed to slow the economic tsunami rolling across the country, he lamented the provisions Democrats tried to attach to the stimulus. What provision really irked him? Democrats insisted on provisions to safeguard voting, provide more polling locations, and/or move to mail-in voting like California and Colorado have quite successfully done in recent years. Makes sense in the middle of a global pandemic that is projected to kill 200,000 Americans, right?

According to Donald Trump, making sure people can vote is “crazy.” He then added that if we took these kinds of steps and provided adequate funding, “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” Yes, he said that out loud.

And that is precisely why Donald Trump and Republicans are doing everything they can to limit how many people vote. From creating voter ID laws to reducing the number of polling locations to refusing to allow people to vote by mail, it’s all meant to suppress the vote. It’s been very effective for Republicans in the past and for once in his life, Donald Trump might be right about the long odds of Republicans getting elected if we actually create a system that allows all the people who can vote to actually vote.


Hmmm, yet Trump's approval keeps rising. Who would have predicted that?

Holmes -- the real one

Only the bots and hackers who are spreading disinformation...

hermit thrush

everyone would have. rally-around-the-flag polling bumps are completely normal during crises. the real question is, why has trump gotten only a minuscule bump while leaders all around the world have gotten much larger bumps? why has andrew cuomo gotten a much larger bump? hmm?

(it's not really a question, we all know the answer.)


This sez otherwise don't cha think impostor holmes?


Why is it that "editorials" are anonymous and I must publicly post my personal information? The "editor" penning this opinion piece makes numerous statements without providing any evidence to support his/her allegations. A few actual facts would give such opinions a bit more credence. But then we're dealing with the W.D.T. Facts are not their forte. One can always hope.

Holmes -- the real one

Careful -- that next to the last line....

I once stated that this was my "impression" and received an angry scolding from the editor calling me a "liar."

Jerry Moore Staff
Jerry Moore

Reformer-2, editorials represent the consensus viewpoints of the members of a newspaper's editorial board. As they reflect the opinions of a group of individuals, editorials are unsigned. This is a standard feature in newspapers.

And can you identify the statements made in the editorial that you suspect may be untrue? All the incidents cited here have received widespread news coverage.

Jerry Moore

Editorial board editor

Watertown Daily Times



What particularly do you have a problem with? Trump was talking about how great his TV ratings were yesterday. Do you honestly think Trump acts like an adult? Incredible.

hermit thrush

the facts presented in the piece are all correct. if any of them are news to you then that is only reflection on your own media consumption habits.

ps you're not publicly posting any personal information here. good grief.


Enjoyed your editorial but I feel I’m paying a monthly subscription to be exposed to Trump campaign ads. WDT hope they are lucrative; it certainly isn’t cheap for local businesses to advertise here.


Macbones... Since the coronavirus is killing what was already a precarious newspaper ad business, and I don't want this newspaper killed, I welcome ads of any kind and, while they may not appeal to me, I don't spiral downward into resenting my monthly subscription payment.

While ads might not be cheap, you certainly are.


This is natural selection. Older Americans (who are supposed to be wise) voted for a reality-show host with no knowledge or experience of government to lead them in their twilight years. Older Americans elected a president who owes hundreds of millions to foreign banks after accusing Obama of lack of patriotism. Just as their parents were known as “the greatest generation” the Baby Boomers will be remembered as the dumbest generation to ever live.

Holmes -- the real one

Nice_Commenter --

I am the same ages as the "Baby Boomers" you revile. Many of the commenters here, I would venture to say, are also in the same age group.

In making the sort of statements you make here you play right into the hands and agenda of those who seek to divide and conquer. I urge you to pursue unity and to look for ways to unite with those who seek the good for our world.

Be encouraged. We are strong when we stand together.


Agreed Real Holmes.. in that age bracket myself and there'll be a time in November to state your opinion on how POTUS handled this crisis... I'm certainly no fan of POTUS... but the more time spent blaming anyone doesn't move us forward.. Churchill quote "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."... It's as true today as it was then..

Stay safe.. save your criticism for November...

Holmes -- the real one

Sorry Gracie.

The right thing to do -- is to continue to call out the lies and the wrongdoing.

This is not the time to put up or shut up.

Those lies and that corruption has put the lives of our people (and, I might add, people all over the world) at risk.

People gain the courage to oppose wrongdoing when they stand together. That's what we need to do. Would you suggest that Fauci wait until November to state his opinion on how Trump proposes to handle the crisis? I certainly think not.


Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Saying the Baby Boomers were smart and made good choices dooms us as a society.


Viet Nam was so much fun for the Baby Boomers they did two Viet Nam style endless wars to their own kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, Baby Boomers will be remembered as the dumbest generation to ever live. I had plenty of friends in the silent generation. Born 1900-1920. They were smart.

Holmes -- the real one

These insults are becoming increasingly and unnecessarily offensive.

Any relevance or validity your statements might have is diminished by your viperous delivery.


The word "unity" doesn't exist in the left's dictionary.




Yes, North Country types always say how much they hate political correctness. I am nicely providing them with what they want. The North Country needs straight talk right now. Reminders of how the entire region is on welfare sent from downstate are needed.


But the Millennials will be remembered as the "Worst-period, Generation-period, Ever-period"


These are the kinds of things we may think privately in the privacy of our own minds. We don't say them out loud. Else we resemble the subject of the editorial.

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