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The city of Watertown has again issued a postcard to residents alerting them that water exceeds maximum contaminant level of total trihalomethanes. Watertown Daily Times

For at least five years, Watertown officials have been wrestling with how to remove contaminants from the city’s drinking water.

Samples taken from one location in 2017 revealed a level of trihalomethanes that exceeded the allowed limit, according to a story published April 11, 2017, by he Watertown Daily Times. TTHM is a byproduct of chlorine disinfectant used to treat drinking water of bacteria and viruses.

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Is there even a fix? The water must be disinfected, and that makes these byproducts if the water started off dirty enough. Would an extra step of processing help? Surely this has been encountered in other places and there's a known set of options. We could use an article on that.


Thank you for the editorial about the ongoing problem of dangerous contaminants in our drinking water. I think solving this problem should be on the very top of the to-do list for our local leaders.


Minder... are you serious? The top of our list should be BUILDING MORE POOLS AND BUYING A GOLF COURSE with taxpayer money. Spent buy a vocal councilman that does NOT pay city property taxes

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