We’ve seen this same story repeat itself time and again.

As the U.S. government creeps closer to its debt ceiling, partisan ideologues on both sides of the political spectrum trot out their well-used arguments. Democrats claim that significant budget cuts will hurt too many people while Republicans lament the lack of fiscal responsibility.

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hermit thrush

"Republicans are correct that all lawmakers need to take the massive national debt problem more seriously."

why did republicans run up so much new debt was trump was president and they had unified control of the government?

the answer is that all their talk about the national debt is completely insincere.


When the villain kills the hostage it's clearly the fault of the police because they didn't accede to demands. Right? What's the essential element here? The behavior of the Republican caucus. But the right wing media will try to claim it was Biden's fault because he didn't play ball. Biden isn't even in congress, much less the House. But we don't care do we? Let's throw rotten fruit at the other tribe. "Look what you made me do. "

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