Stand down, Mr. President: Don’t bring cadets back to West Point

President Donald Trump said that cadets should be brought back to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to hear his commencement address. Tribune News Service

The following editorial appeared in the New York Daily News on April 25:

NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) — Like an addict jonesing for his next fix, President Donald Trump seems to chafe at how social distancing restrictions are preventing him from performing before his campaign rallies.

The president appears to have settled on an acceptable substitute — a June 13 graduation ceremony for the U.S. Military Academy. Having spoken to graduating classes at the Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force academies over the last three years, Trump wants to check off West Point this year.

Like any addict, Trump is unconcerned about the damage he could cause to those around him. Yes, it’s six weeks out, but there’s no reason to believe that New York state, nor the academy itself, is prepared to host a graduation ceremony amidst a pandemic.

Fortunately, West Point may be subtly trying to signal to the commander in chief that bringing back 1,000 men and women in relatively close proximity during a pandemic, in contravention of current administration public health guidelines, is not the greatest idea.

A press release on April 22 included the line, “The Class of 2020 will return to campus in time for the June 13 graduation ceremony.” That language is scrubbed from an edited release now posted in its place.

With damn good reason. The reinitiation of large gatherings is in phase two of the White House’s own state reopening guidelines. New York won’t be initiating phase one until mid-May at the earliest; West Point follows state direction.

So, with the Navy already confronting serious outbreaks on two vessels — the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and the missile destroyer USS Kidd — here’s the pressing question for the military and its commander in chief:

Which is more important, facilitating a terrific photo op for the commander in chief or preventing the possibility of a COVID-19 boomlet right up the Hudson from the first U.S. hotspot?

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(11) comments


Democrats losing their minds right now. A beautiful thing...

hermit thrush

many people (not just democrats) are upset that trump would subject graduating cadets to needless harm and inconvenience just to fluff his ego. to say that's "a beautiful thing" is disgusting.

keyser soze

An indoctrinated Trump Cultist who bought a one way ticket to Crazy Town imagines that it’s the Democrats that are losing their minds.

What else would you like to share with us today?


President Bonespurs has always loved the military. You know: bands, marches, parades, stars, neat uniforms, salutes, medals, pretty female admirers . . .

But please make sure "serving in combat" is excluded from that list.

Holmes -- the real one

"'About 60%' of West Point cadets returning for Trump's commencement speech could have the coronavirus, instructor tells cadets in private call"

keyser soze

Let’s see, we are at present at a million ‘known’ cases -- at least 4 times more than any other country, with over 60,000 deaths, currently increasing by about 2000 a day. We represent roughly 5% percent of the world's population, yet we have third of the world's cases and almost a third of the world's deaths. We boast 6 times the world-average death rate and 8 times the world-average infection rate.

And the Dotard wants to do what again?


Go fly a kite, Daily News, you aren't even a good fish wrapper.


Besides, maybe these soldiers might become POW's someday. President Trump has been very clear he has no respect for POW's when he said "I like heroes who weren;t captured". I thought how Trump used a fake medical deferrment to dodge the draft and then spit on John McCain was hilarious!

Holmes -- the real one

In the time before you were wrapping fish, did you attend West Point?

Are you acquainted with anyone who is currently enrolled at West Point?

Do you know anyone who graduated from West Point?

Are you familiar at all with what goes on at West Point, or why someone would be allowed to attend there?

Would you be willing to risk having a stroke, to die, or to cause someone else to die in order to give Trump a photo opportunity? Have you made it a plan to attend rallies to support Trump?


Thanks for sharing your TDS diagnosis.

Holmes -- the real one

Reality got you down?

Why not try a conspiracy theory.

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