Whistleblower complaint may end up being worse for Biden than Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential hopeful, speaks at a press conference in Wilmington, Del., Sept. 24. Mark Makela/New York Times

Washington is being roiled by another Trump controversy. And this one appears to have enough staying power to affect the 2020 presidential race.

All we really know at this point is that a complaint from an intelligence community whistleblower, in part, concerns a July 25 phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to The Washington Post, the whistleblower’s complaint “involved communications with a foreign leader and a ‘promise’ that Trump made.” The president himself has admitted to discussing with Zelensky opening an investigation into former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The complaint’s mere existence has emboldened Democrats and has made their case for impeachment look stronger while Republicans are waiting for more shoes to drop. Meanwhile, even if Trump is left standing, this latest development could finally doom Biden’s political career. What is bad for Trump may be even worse for Biden, one of the leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Without knowing the full extent of what did or did not happen, Republicans’ defense of the president is sure to involve a fair share of “whataboutism.” That Hunter Biden was engaged in swamp business par excellence is already well-documented, and there are questions about whether Joe Biden has ever used his position to help his son. So all this points to Biden’s vulnerability and reminds everyone that he has been in the swamp far too long.

The coming finger-pointing by Republicans and the demand for answers from Biden could not come at a worse time for his campaign. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is gaining traction and getting a fresh look from voters. The latest poll from Iowa shows her inching ahead of Biden. Voters may think Biden isn’t just too old to be president but that maybe he carries too much baggage to be the party’s nominee, as well. In the strangest of ways, the whistleblower incident is more likely to end the political career of Biden before that of Trump.

Biden is a fragile front-runner and the whole matter involving his son’s foreign business dealings not only raises unflattering questions but provides plenty of reminders about his life in the swamp. Trump, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable with his base, to say nothing of the fact that his entire presidency has practically been defined by his ability to outlive Democratic “witch hunts.”

The Democrats have been itching to impeach the president, and this may be their best chance, though, so far, it doesn’t appear Trump committed a criminal act. Maybe there is something truly substantial in the whistleblower complaint, or maybe we are just witnessing the latest example of hyperbole and fraught partisanship being pushed forward by Democrats and their allies. Maybe this time, Trump has really crossed the line by acting with extremely bad judgment — in his own self interest and in a way that weakened an important U.S. alliance for no good reason. Whatever it is, the latest Trump debacle seems to be a gift from the president to every Democrat who isn’t named Joe Biden.

Ed Rogers writes for the Washington Post.



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hermit thrush

I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine Years Ago. Then the Right-Wing Spin Machine Turned the Story Upside Down. https://theintercept.com/2019/09/25/i-wrote-about-the-bidens-and-ukraine-years-ago-then-the-right-wing-spin-machine-turned-the-story-upside-down/?fbclid=IwAR3gNGweQxLkSQFgUP-s9-aIx_0RDCSpoRnA6CsM7AiqbBmTv6Lr-cufIDA


That Ukranian prosecutor was fired for NOT investigating corruption, and there was open bipartisan and international support for it. There's no there there. Except right wing propaganda can make something out of nothing and repeat the Big Lie until the faithful Believe.


Whistleblower, more like spy...

Holmes -- the real one



Recalling the Clinton Impeachment hearings... 1998... House Controlled by the Reps - Newt....Senate by Reps as well - Trent Lott... they couldn't impeach Clinton when the opposing party controlled both sides of congress..what makes anyone think this is going to make it through the Senate with 2/3's vote? Waste of time ...and Clinton actually gained popularity during that period... If POTUS gets beat it'll be for a lot of reasons...but not this..

hermit thrush

not a waste of time. trump's acts are so egregious that the house simply has to take a stand and say that this is not right. if the senate is so corrupt that they aren't capable of convicting, then so be it.

Holmes -- the real one

And if the Senate IS so corrupt that they aren't capable of convicting -- well, that fact needs to be made PERFECTLY AND ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to all.


I find warrens rise in the poll fascinating. Not sure if it’s true but she is interesting. Here we have a person, who, in the most fragile of times in regards to ethnic issues, politically correct rhetoric and a society on egg shells everytime they speak of the past we have someone leading her party who said she is someone she isnt. Trump surely has his issues with truth...and warren to me is just as bad. It’s a mistake a career politician can’t make.

hermit thrush

warren did one (1) trivial thing wrong. to equate that with trump is out of this world.


Exactly what I thought you would say. So sad. Keep up the fight though! Personally hoping someone can beat trump. Not seeing it. If this is the best the left has...yikes. But hey, maybe we all can claim to be someone else lol. I do love the excuse response though...well it’s ok because the other person is worse lol. Wow! Good to see we have to settle for fakes like warren. Kind of sums it up.

Holmes -- the real one

Truly remarkable as far as reasoning deficits go.


I was thinking of saying the same thing to you...


If so, we'll be stronger without him. But I think there's some doubt that actually Biden's son was up to anything wrong and also much of Biden's "base" won't care. As for prognostication, nobody can really say how an impeachment would affect the election. A lot of people were more likely to be sympathetic to Clinton after he was impeached because that fits him. I don't see a lot of people who aren't already Trump supporters coming over to his side because people are being bad to him. He's just not the kind of guy you feel sorry for. Sure, there's a lot of anti liberal hysteria out there, but it's mostly aggravated by stuff the left does that really is silly, and this impeachment matter isn't silly.


Hmm, a government CIA whistle blower is a deep state spy who got caught. Who would have imagined that? I'm still waiting to see what violation of what code President Trump allegedly violated? The democrat's just handed President Trump 2020...

Holmes -- the real one

Earth to you, come in.



English not you usual language, Comrade?


"not 'you' usual language"? Not yours either?


ANd again. You’re the comrade sir. Hateful and racist to no end. Shame on you. Moderator?

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