Earlier this year, there was a tragic fire in the city of Watertown. A father and four daughters passed away in the incident. One daughter survived, and the Watertown community responded quickly and compassionately by donating more than $106,000 to help her. Read More ⇒

As my car was getting an inspection early Tuesday morning, I walked along down Potsdam’s Cherry street near the Raquette River. On my way back I heard a train whistle, went back to the crossing to watch the train (which is my custom, as a member of the Mass Bay Rail Enthusiasts). I counted 97 cars. Read More ⇒

When City Hall in Watertown was built in the 1960s, it had some good design features. One was the juxtaposition of the police, the courtroom and the holding cells. This gave the building security; it gave the public easy access to the police; and there wasn’t the daily parade of defendants t… Read More ⇒

E-cigarettes are under attack by both the federal government and several state governments, including our own. This should be alarming to anybody concerned about public health, as tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable of death in the United States. According to the Centers for … Read More ⇒

As someone who lived in Vermont for four years, I admire Bernie Sanders and support the direction in which he would like to take our country. However, I do not want him to be president. We already have an angry old white man in the White House who hates the press and yells all the time. We d… Read More ⇒

It will be our duty on Nov. 5 to cast a vote for the candidates we believe will fulfill the duties of the office they are seeking. Bill Shirley has the training, certifications and job experience necessary to successfully fulfill the duties of Louisville superintendent of highways. Read More ⇒

It has often been said that developing a great successor is one of the most important accomplishments any senior-level executive can achieve. That is exactly what former St. Lawrence County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp did. She appointed Sandy Santamoor her deputy county clerk and then developed Sand… Read More ⇒

The Turtle Trot committee, Wilson Hill Association, town of Louisville and Louisville Volunteer Fire Department thank the many volunteers, local businesses and participants who helped make the 2019 Turtle Trot a great success. The event set three new records: 179 preregistered, total of 250 … Read More ⇒

To the residents of Watertown: Do you now realize that you have your own persona of Donald Trump in the person of Mayor Joe Butler? He should be very embarrassed by his abuse of a woman at a recent board meeting. [He told a woman at an Aug. 19 meeting: “If you’re not proud of the city or are… Read More ⇒

According to recent figures, Northern New York has a higher rate of unemployment. The longer heating season here compels north country seniors and low-income residents to spend more of their income to heat older homes, homes in need of energy efficiency investments that reduce heating bills … Read More ⇒

The tourism season in the Thousand Islands area is progressing. With our local economy so dependent on people flying into and out of our local airport for their vacations, I’m glad that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik secured a grant to improve Watertown International Airport. Read More ⇒

Several months ago, Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley was facing several challenges in billing for our Advanced Illness Management services through Medicare. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and his staff immediately responded to our request for help and were instrumental in assist… Read More ⇒

Today is our last day on The River before we head back to town, and all I can think of is the one person who first introduced me to The River, and to boating, and got me and my family to fall in love with our area and enjoy boating and water activities to the fullest for 15 years now. Read More ⇒

According to oilprice.com, by December the total oil output of the United States could reach 13.4 million barrels a day — a new record. So why do we need to transform one of the most pristine and ecologically critical places on U.S. soil into another Prudhoe Bay? Read More ⇒

I always find it fascinating when folks base their opinions on fantasies. A writer demanded that the rich pay their fair share (“Real Americans agree to pay their fair share,” Aug. 30). Those folks also want the rich to pay for all their wildest desires, from Medicare for all, free college t… Read More ⇒