It has been a year since some of our fellow citizens were duped into believing a myth perpetrated on them that our elections were not legitimate. These individuals led by then-political leaders were encouraged to cause harm and damage on our Capitol and political leadership not aligned with … Read More ⇒

As a resident of Watertown, Jefferson County and New York state, I am totally dependent on the electrical power grid for heat, food, power, lights, communication and transportation. I have sent Freedom of Information Law requests to six city, county and state offices for information on where… Read More ⇒

Did you know that prior to 2019, New York child day care programs were not required to have guidelines for the prevention and recognition of anaphylaxis? My wife and I learned this the hard way when my son, Elijah, went into anaphylaxis due to a known dairy allergy at his child day care prog… Read More ⇒

I recently read a Watertown Daily Times article on the “second revolution” in GOP-bragging about one election win (Ted Harvey column, “November 2021 marks the beginning of a second American Revolution,” Nov. 22). However, from my perspective, all I see in the GOP is that lying is the new nor… Read More ⇒

Ben & Jerry’s decision to withdraw its product from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (though not from the Jewish State) has drawn the ire of some U.S. state attorneys general, as Eli Lake points out in his Nov. 20 column “Israel’s ice cream battle heats up.” Read More ⇒

President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their respective Democratic House and Senate caucus members claim that both the $1.2 trillion infrastructure and $1.75 trillion Build Back America bills are fully paid for. Read More ⇒

Congratulations to all the Section X swimmers who competed Nov. 7 in the state sectional swim meet at Edwards-Knox Central School. Each and every one of you should be proud of your performances, many of which were personal bests. You are all winners! Read More ⇒

On Nov. 6, Back the Pack held its 11th annual Back the Pack Italian American Club Spaghetti Dinner. Our annual dinner was again this year an overwhelming success thanks to the Italian American Club and all of our wonderful citizens of Massena. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to sell m… Read More ⇒

A recent editorial regarding U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (Our View, “Let’s return to civility: Elise Stefanik’s divisive partisan rhetoric doesn’t serve anyone,” Nov. 5) was reprinted in the Nov. 6 edition of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. Referring to the following passage from that piece, I… Read More ⇒

I want to express my sincerest thanks to each of you who encouraged my run for Massena town supervisor, voted for me and to all who have supported me in so many ways; whether you allowed my yard sign on your property, wrote letters to the newspapers, called me, emailed me, contributed to my … Read More ⇒

I never once died playing red light, green light in elementary school! I have survived long enough so far to realize, as Korean TV series and Netflix hit “Squid Game” more than subtly hints, that the capitalist game is rigged in favor of the rich, while the masses, as Henry David Thoreau sai… Read More ⇒

Even though U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has always been a Republican, many of the others party had respect for her honesty, willingness to be open to new ideas and push for bipartisanship. Now, she has become everything I want our leaders-whether they are political, business, educational or med… Read More ⇒

I am writing to encourage the town of Lyme residents to continue their support for Town Clerk Ariana Henderson, Highway Superintendent Pat Weston and Town Board members Julia Gosier and Don Bourquin. Board member Terry Countryman is running for town supervisor and in my opinion has done a ve… Read More ⇒

The children of Arlene O’Neill wish to thank the staff of Samaritan Keep Home for the heroic work they continue to do under very difficult circumstances. Providing a high level of physical and emotional care for disabled and aging bodies is a challenge under the best of circumstances, but do… Read More ⇒