Having been a junior high teacher for 16 years, I can spot juvenile behavior in a blink as can any parent of a teenager. When it comes to “who dun it?” it’s never “them.” In his press briefings, President Donald Trump acts just like any kid trying to cover for his actions. Read More ⇒

I believe the phrase goes as the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our member of Congress, Elise Stefanik, has certainly been going these past few weeks. As she works to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in our area, Elise has been speaking to local media in multiple interviews a… Read More ⇒

The last few weeks have seen a lot of changes as we all work to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting our world. While politics is of little concern at a time like this, I recently announced that as a result of the necessity for social distancing I have canceled all in-p… Read More ⇒

My book “Flypaper” is about a pandemic that starts in China and sweeps across the world. It came out in 2014. I’m not the only one who has written about this possibility. Stephen King wrote a book about a pandemic that was published in 1979. And then there was Albert Camus who wrote “The Pla… Read More ⇒

Dear Cynthia Graham: In response to your letter to the editor published March 28 (“Trump and supporters bear blame for crisis”), you asked where I stand. I stand with the 63 percent in Jefferson County who did not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The silent majority, if you will. Read More ⇒

The COVID-19 disease is testing our ability to function collectively as a nation. Individuals must look after their own health as well as the health of others. Gov. Cuomo is doing a superb job of looking out for the welfare of our citizens as well as working with Democratic Gov. Lamont of Co… Read More ⇒

I wonder if Jerry Moore (“Cuomo may be doing more harm than good,” March 22) ever reads his own newspaper (or any news at all). If he did, he would read that Gov. Cuomo is not the only government official who has seen the real and urgent need for serious public health measures at this time o… Read More ⇒

National Ag Week (March 22 to 28) is a time to recognize the important role that agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products while helping families understand where their food comes from. This year’s theme, “Food Brings Everyone to the Table,” sums up why I am so pr… Read More ⇒

I am writing today because our Second Amendment rights are under attack. Democrats like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Tedra Cobb want to take away our legally owned guns. Our founding fathers explicitly wrote a broadly applicable Second Amendment because they had just fought off a tyrannical governm… Read More ⇒

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home on Medicaid? President Trump proposes cutting the state’s Medicaid program by $159 billion in the next 10 years. Medicaid funds more than 60 percent of nursing home residents, 83 percent of poor children and 48 percent of children with disabilities. Read More ⇒

On behalf of Save the River, the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper, and our 1,000 members and 15,000 followers, I commend the Watertown Daily Times for your excellent March 6 editorial “Pander with immunity: Congressmen propose legislation so residents can sue the IJC.” It speaks clearly and di… Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has a strong record when it comes to bipartisan health care. Elise has always been an advocate for increasing health care access in our district, including creating effective policies to reform the federal mental health system. Her record shows that she is dedicated … Read More ⇒

It used to be, once upon a time, that a shopper had the items they purchased from any merchant placed in a brown paper bag to fit the size of purchases. Remember those good ole days when while grocery shopping, the merchant supplied brown paper bags of assorted sizes free of charge to contai… Read More ⇒

We congratulate the YMCA on its new adventure with the beautiful, newly planned facilities available to those with paid YMCA memberships or by organizations providing reduced or free memberships if forms are filled out with their private data. We look forward to watching our beautiful city p… Read More ⇒

Like most rural north country people, I either raise or hunt for most of my food. In doing so, I have amassed quite a collection of spices. So when I saw Tedra Cobb’s article about growing up with Chicken Surprise, I thought about all the things I eat that requires extensive use of those spices. Read More ⇒

We used to honor heroes for their military sacrifices or people committed to helping others while in service to the greater good. We used to have presidents who showed compassion and understanding, who took a personal interest in the everyday struggles of Americans. Now we honor money and th… Read More ⇒

The editorial in the Feb. 16 Watertown Daily Times titled “Trailblazers of history” featured the story of U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Anna Mae Hays, one of two women who became generals on the same day in 1970, truly a trailblazer. Yet the other woman in the same photograph of that promotion celebr… Read More ⇒

Tedra Cobb stated in December 2019 that she supported the impeachment of President Trump. Now that the impeachment hoax is over, Tedra flip-flopped her stance on the issue. In December, Tedra would have voted to impeach and remove the president if she had the opportunity. She claimed that sh… Read More ⇒

Cynthia Merrick’s letter-writing is persistent if not accurate (Letters from the People, “Fishing events got boost from Waddington,” Feb. 12). She wonders why Waddington and Mayor Janet Otto Cassada (whom I assume is Ms. Merrick’s friend) aren’t given credit for “bringing the sport (fishing)… Read More ⇒

The Feb. 16 article by Marcus Wolf, “Proposed shipping season delay could affect Port of Oswego, Novelis,” illustrates that there is still an opportunity for Gov. Cuomo to help waterfront businesses and residences whose properties have been inundated and damaged by the extreme high-water lev… Read More ⇒