WWNY-TV/7 News recently aired another one of its hit pieces on U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik about raising the debt limit. Of course, they dragged Scott Atkinson out of the closet, sprayed him with Fabreze to get the moth ball smell off and let him rant. As usual, Scott raced so far to the left h… Read More ⇒

As a Watertown resident and voter, I will be casting my vote for Amy Horton. Amy’s motivation, dedication and a love for our community has been well documented over the past several months. She has the heart of a public servant and will represent our community well. Read More ⇒

I am writing to share my strong support for Amy Horton to fill the two-year vacancy on Watertown City Council. I have known Amy for a number of years and can say unequivocally that she is the right person for the job. Amy is a young professional who cares about her community and gives 100 pe… Read More ⇒

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Cancer Prevention in Action Program is encouraging employers to help employees stay up to date with cancer screening such as mammograms by adding a benefit for paid time off for cancer screenings. Read More ⇒

Judges make decisions that affect our lives. A judge needs to be a person with high ethical and moral standards. Someone with experience and knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures. One having the ability to apply the law and to understand how their decisions will affect those involved. Read More ⇒

Recently, data about the state of animal shelters in the United States were released by Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization. This data set uses a metric called “save rate” to measure what percentage of the animals entering shelters leave the shelter alive, wit… Read More ⇒

I want to honor the life of Steve Fisher from one who only had brief contacts with him as primarily he coached in General Brown and my sons did not play football. Anyway, I have always loved sports and was a pretty good athlete in my day (first team all-conference two sports, most athletic i… Read More ⇒

Dr. Robert Kimball hit the nail on the head in his letter published in the Watertown Daily Times on Sept. 19 (“Vaccines are effective only when people get them”). I would add a different perspective to his reasoned pleas to health care workers to become vaccinated. Read More ⇒

I want to express my unmitigated disgust at the nurses at Lewis County General Hospital who have chosen to resign from their jobs rather than be vaccinated against COVID-19. I personally have had enough of these kinds of people who are willing to put others’ lives in the way of harm when, in… Read More ⇒

French cinema legend Jean-Paul Belmondo, who died this week, can be remembered for something even more arresting than the ever-present cigarette dangling from his lips and his tough-guy swagger. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will always remember him for his heart of gold for animals. Read More ⇒

I received a two-week trial subscription for the Watertown Daily Times. I commend your reporters on the excellent comprehensive and informative coverage of local events. Your newspaper has been a valuable resource for north country households for many years. Read More ⇒

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have consistently argued against mandatory vaccinations. This is why I am opposed to the governor’s plan to mandate vaccinations for health care workers, stating they all must have the shot by Sept. 27 or risk losing their jobs. Read More ⇒

Think long and hard before signing a budget plan with your fuel provider for your propane account. Keep in mind that when you have a fuel oil or kerosene account, you own the tank and the fuel in it once it is paid for. This is not true for a propane account. Read More ⇒

My name is Charles Lake. I am a 90-year-old Korean War veteran. I was the first wounded soldier from this Korean War to return to my community in Ogdensburg where I still reside. My recovery was long; I lost an eye, and I am lucky to be alive today. As soon as I could, I went back to work to… Read More ⇒

The growing scandal involving allegations of misconduct on the part of St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services employees needs to be addressed fully by elected county officials, including the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office. And if DA Ga… Read More ⇒

I am very proud of being an honor graduate (Highest Distinction) of one of the few major universities (University of Virginia) that has a student run Honor system. One episode of lying, cheating (e.g. plagiarism) or stealing does not lead to a failing grade — it leads to a lifetime expulsion… Read More ⇒

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with your recent poll that asked people in the north country region if they would like an interstate highway across the region so that they can “get around easier.” This is like asking if you would like a free trip to Disney World. The problem is, y… Read More ⇒

Your front page on Aug. 11 read like a tabloid, rejoicing in the political demise of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. That demise is sad because he was a good and strong governor in some ways. He confronted the novel coronavirus when the Groper-in-Chief turned his back and lied about it. Read More ⇒