According to recent figures, Northern New York has a higher rate of unemployment. The longer heating season here compels north country seniors and low-income residents to spend more of their income to heat older homes, homes in need of energy efficiency investments that reduce heating bills … Read More ⇒

The tourism season in the Thousand Islands area is progressing. With our local economy so dependent on people flying into and out of our local airport for their vacations, I’m glad that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik secured a grant to improve Watertown International Airport. Read More ⇒

Several months ago, Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley was facing several challenges in billing for our Advanced Illness Management services through Medicare. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and his staff immediately responded to our request for help and were instrumental in assist… Read More ⇒

Today is our last day on The River before we head back to town, and all I can think of is the one person who first introduced me to The River, and to boating, and got me and my family to fall in love with our area and enjoy boating and water activities to the fullest for 15 years now. Read More ⇒

According to, by December the total oil output of the United States could reach 13.4 million barrels a day — a new record. So why do we need to transform one of the most pristine and ecologically critical places on U.S. soil into another Prudhoe Bay? Read More ⇒

I always find it fascinating when folks base their opinions on fantasies. A writer demanded that the rich pay their fair share (“Real Americans agree to pay their fair share,” Aug. 30). Those folks also want the rich to pay for all their wildest desires, from Medicare for all, free college t… Read More ⇒

For the first time in decades, our nation’s coastlines face an uncertain future. Next month, Congress is expected to vote on legislation to stop any plan to open up nearly the entire United States coastline to oil and gas drilling. From Maine to Florida and along the Pacific, our coasts — an… Read More ⇒

The U.S. Supreme Court gave President Donald Trump permission to take $2.5 billion from the Defense Department to build walls at the U.S. border with Mexico. We the people must demand that those funds are used to improve the due process and conditions for the thousands of children and famili… Read More ⇒

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is the latest elected official to become a casualty of the 30 pieces of silver syndrome in U.S. politics. He has come out of the closet as a Russian asset. Moscow Mitch vetoed a congressional bill for voting security after every U.S. intelligence agency stated that … Read More ⇒

Loving your country is a good thing, but it seems to me that some of the most ostensibly patriotic people I see might be a bit two-faced. With U.S. flags placed on the front porch, the garage, the back windshield of the truck, they look the essence of patriotism. Read More ⇒

We are citizens of a nation that allows people to speak what’s on their mind and to express their ideas. There are few obstacles to this right. Unfortunately, in the current political world, if one disagrees with President Donald Trump or expresses a contrary idea or corrects that which is f… Read More ⇒

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, black-, white-, yellow-, brown-skinned Americans must all stop and assess just what is happening to our nation due to the inability of our political parties to work together. It is time we started putting aside the asinine antics surrounding us like a ba… Read More ⇒

As a bus driver for Carthage Central School District for 23 years, I have taken many classes of elementary students to Old McDonald’s Farm for a daylong field trip. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon watching the little ones enjoying their ride on the Moo Town Trolley, to see and le… Read More ⇒

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. As the chair of the planning committee, I invite everyone in our community to join us in the fight against the disease at the Walk to End … Read More ⇒

Thanks in large part to Bernie Sanders, the health care system in the United States has been brought to the forefront of the political conversation. For decades, Sen. Sanders has been a passionate advocate for the implementation of a Medicare for All system similar to our Canadian neighbors … Read More ⇒

Medicare and Medicaid turned 54 on July 30. Yet half a century after these popular “entitlements” were created, the United States remains the only developed country without universal health care. The rest of the world admires many things about America, but our for-profit system of health ins… Read More ⇒

A recent editorial in the Watertown Daily Times (July 23) urging north country residents to take “a stake” in the electoral process and get out to vote was encouraging and inspiring. Although tossing your hat in the ring to run for an elective position can be time consuming and expensive, it… Read More ⇒

Tuesday, 30 July, 2019. By now, most of you have either read or heard of what a great day this date will represent in your community’s history. By now, most of you have read or heard the plethora of great news and other proclamations surrounding events on this date. By now, most of you have … Read More ⇒

The St. Lawrence Chapter of New York State Women, Inc. is actively seeking nominations for St. Lawrence County’s Woman of the Year award. Anyone can nominate an individual woman; only nominees who reside in St. Lawrence County are eligible. Women nominated should have: 1) made outstanding ac… Read More ⇒

It appears to me that the many problems we have with our government could be solved with two simple revisions to our Constitution. First, an amendment reading: “A person may not serve more than 12 years in Congress either as a senator or a representative.” And the subsequent amendment should… Read More ⇒

Republicans are not stuck with Donald Trump as their candidate for president in 2020. The last time I checked to see who has filed to run for the presidency, there were other people who have filed to run on the Republican ticket for president of the United States. Read More ⇒

The lack of cooperation from Public Health hinders my ability to enforce dog control as it should be operated. Even though I refer every case I get to it directly, it continues to refuse to provide me with reports of bites that happen in the township for which I am the dog control officer. Read More ⇒