Women and brown-skinned people are now running to the barricades to stop what Donald Trump has become as president of the United States: his constant disregard of the U.S. Constitution, his racism and child abuse! There is so much unacceptable about this fat, lazy, spoiled and completely dis… Read More ⇒

I encourage everyone to read the Mueller Report. It can be downloaded to a Kindle for $1.99. I find the report to be very readable, and it provides documented details about the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. I’ve only read 15 percent of the report. But whether the Tru… Read More ⇒

The Watertown mayor’s race is turning out to be a violation of the voters’ rights. Yes, we understand that state election law allows for a primary in non-partisan race to narrow the field for the general election. Yes, the law states that the candidates with the two highest vote totals will … Read More ⇒

Republicans should be outraged at the way children are being treated on our southern border. Every Republican senator and representative, including U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, should be bombarding President Donald Trump and his administration to end such cruel and inhumane practices toward mig… Read More ⇒

“From the Ashes of Sobibor: A Story of Survival” is a book written by Thomas Toivi Blatt, a Holocaust survivor, that details one of the most terrifying and savage events of human history. In his book, Mr. Blatt outlines his experience of being separated from his family and kept in a concentr… Read More ⇒

There was a great article by Abraham Kenmore in the June 25 edition of the Watertown Daily Times titled “Tedra Cobb critical of Stefanik on health care.” The article was fair and balanced — and I don’t mean “fair and balanced” as defined by Fox News, but actually fair and actually balanced i… Read More ⇒

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you, the people of Clayton, for your support of this amazing village. Clayton has been my home for nearly 10 years, and I have never felt prouder to be a part of a community. You all have an abundance of love, pride and support for this village; I ap… Read More ⇒

I have been a reader and supporter of newspapers since being a carrier for the South Bend Tribune growing up in Northern Indiana. That was in 1970, and I carried 38 customers a day, seven days a week. The paper cost 65 cents per week, and I kept 22 cents per customer. Pretty big money for a … Read More ⇒

Clarkson University wishes to extend its since appreciation to the greater St. Lawrence County community for joining the school in hosting the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series’ Northeast Regional Tournament presented by Bass Pro Shops in Potsdam and Waddington this past week! Read More ⇒

Never forget: The phrase is a command to act as much as it is to remember. Our duty to the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust goes beyond putting up memorials in their honor; our duty is to call out all state-sanctioned violence and efforts to dehumanize groups of people. Read More ⇒

The Times has reported that Massena Memorial has experienced significant loses due to low census. Could the decrease in census be a trend that MMH patients are being sent to Canton-Potsdam Hospital? What services at MMH are being or planning to be curtailed in order to send patients to CPH? … Read More ⇒

The Observer has reported that Massena Memorial has experienced significant losses due to low census. Could the decrease in census be a trend that MMH patients are being sent to Canton-Potsdam Hospital? What services at MMH are being or planning to be curtailed in order to send patients to C… Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik recently made an impassioned statement on the House floor for the protection of women. The subject was a new House version of the Violence Against Women Act to be sent on to the Senate. The act requires reauthorization to remain in effect. Stefanik voted against the … Read More ⇒

Most people have never heard of Cher Ami, a pigeon who delivered military intelligence for the U.S. Army during World War I, continuing the mission even after being shot and suffering a partially severed limb. In Cher Ami’s honor, Thursday is National Pigeon Day. Read More ⇒

Being a city taxpayer, I feel that I have some skin in this game of golf club controversy in Watertown. Two things come to mind. First, a lease agreement has been upheld by the Supreme Court judge. So how can that be subject to the removal of parking lot, golf cart storage and septic system?… Read More ⇒

I’ll begin by noting that a good morning newspaper, like good health, is never fully appreciated until it is lost. Since I begin every day by driving to the deli for my Watertown Daily Times, this lesson struck home April 28 when my trip was rendered futile by a cyberattack on our newspaper.… Read More ⇒

With his running for mayor this year, why hasn’t Jeffrey Smith removed himself from the city of Watertown Charter Commission? Everyone knows, including him, that this is the definition of a conflict of interest when it comes to his being involved with the Charter Commission to determine if t… Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik finally held open meetings with constituents recently. Unfortunately, many voters who would have attended were not able to because these meetings were held during the regular workday and with only 24 to 48 hours’ notice. I was able to attend the Gouverneur meeting al… Read More ⇒

We now have a rogue government, disobeying its oath to the Constitution, in the White House. America is at a critical crossroad in its history. How we survive as a democracy will be proven in the near future by how our democracy deals with its own corruption. Read More ⇒