I could not agree more with William Marks’s letter of March 20 (“Newspaper superior to other publications”). Our fair city is extremely fortunate to have the Watertown Daily Times. I look forward to the arrival of the Times on my doorstep every Tuesday through Sunday mornings. Read More ⇒

In response to March 30 letter headlined “Government should ban assault weapons,” I do not agree. The definition of an assault weapon is not clear in these bills being pushed in Congress. More gun deaths are from handguns, not semi-automatic or automatic rifles. Read More ⇒

Just as the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand in Europe is universally recognized as the trigger point that started World War 1, the trial of the murder of George Floyd can be the trigger point of another American revolution that many foreign nations want and also the white supremacists have… Read More ⇒

This party recently printed a report on how Freedom House, a nonpartisan research group, reported that faith in U.S. democracy declined markedly in 2020, fueled by President Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the election. His lies and disinformation, fueled by other Republicans including U… Read More ⇒

I live in a house with no books. There is nothing here to read if I don’t go to the library and borrow a book. I’m 11 years old now, and I have had my own library card since I was 9. I get teased at home by my mother who thinks it’s silly for me to spend my time reading. Read More ⇒

In 2016, at a campaign speech in Nevada, Donald Trump said, “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” Shocking as this was for many of us, the implication was that ignorance, that is, a lack of knowledge or information, was not a handicap to members of his voting base. Read More ⇒

A few years ago, a couple read all 50 of the Dr. Seuss books and selected six they felt were offensive. They contacted Dr. Seuss Enterprises, and eventually it was determined that the books were “hurtful and wrong” and the decision was made that they would no longer be published. Read More ⇒

If there’s anything more virulent than racism in this country it’s sexism. It was especially despicable in the Trump years. In early March, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ridiculed changes the military has made accommodating the 232,000 women (16.5 percent of total U.S. forces) who serve their… Read More ⇒

As Ogdensburg Public Library card-holders and avid readers, for years we borrowed books, audio books for our trips, digital books for the convenience and were big fans of partnering with the North Country Library System. However, it was not until our granddaughter, then age 3, came to stay w… Read More ⇒

The Stanford marshmallow experiment is why America has struggled so badly with the novel coronavirus. Offer little kids a marshmallow right now or two of than if they wait 15 minutes. You can rightly guess that lots of children go for the one immediate marshmallow. Read More ⇒

On Jan. 20, an article was published in the Watertown Daily regarding state Assemblyman Marck Walczyk’s movement to “kick the crown” and referring to King Cuomo. What advice will he offer when teachers are questioned by their students about “kicking” or if they hear their students offering t… Read More ⇒

If Watertown is receiving $23 million from Congress passing the COVID-19 relief plan, then for the health and well-being of our neighborhood families it is the responsibility of the city to provide three pools for our communities. To sustain lifelong amenities such as this promotes positive … Read More ⇒

For far too long, our elected officials have followed the status quo and as a result District 7 is always last to receive our share of Jefferson County tax revenue. County Route 47 is just one example. It took the town of Champion opting out of snow removal for the county to finally do somet… Read More ⇒

So let’s get this straight: In referring to Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a “sexual predator,” U.S. Rep Elise Stefanik effectively asserts that all elected officials who don’t demand his resignation are “complicit” in furthering such predation. Such a call would be meaningful had Stefanik been suppor… Read More ⇒

Because there’s no Cult of Cuomo, New York Attorney General Leticia James (the Democrat who reported a potential scandal) hasn’t been censured by the state party. Democrats aren’t screaming “fake news” when the Washington Post ran an analysis exposing Cuomo’s inconsistencies and supporting a… Read More ⇒

I was dismayed to see that your choice for your primary front-page story for the Feb. 21 edition of the Watertown Daily Times was about the toilet farms in Potsdam. What was your thought process there? Did you feel you needed local color for the front page? Read More ⇒

Elise Stefanik won re-election to Congress on one of the widest margins of any race in the country. Why? Because the people of the north country know how committed she is to upstate success. They also know that she represents the views of most upstate New York residents even if it means she … Read More ⇒

The Watertown Daily Times should do its job and present the background information needed to properly judge the action taken by Gov. Andrew Cuomo requiring nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients from hospitals. Cuomo has made two statements critical to a fair judgment of the policy. Read More ⇒

As many Americans have did, I watched the second impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, former president of the United States. At one point a commentator made a statement that I believe he attributed to Donald Trump Jr. during his speech on the morning of Jan. 6. Donald Jr. referred to the … Read More ⇒