I’m an American patriot, daughter of a World War II veteran, sister to two soldiers and a sailor. Proud U.S. Army employee for 32 years. For part of that time and since retirement, I’ve worked to ensure that federal employees — themselves patriots, military family members, veterans — receive… Read More ⇒

The Watertown Daily Times editorial board hit the nail on the head describing New York’s public school system as facing a financial crisis, though it’s hard to understate just how dire the crisis really is (Our View, “Crisis looming: School districts face catastrophe if financial picture end… Read More ⇒

During 28 years of teaching at St. Lawrence University, more than a few students asked me what the late 1960s/early 1970s were like. They were disappointed when I answered, “It was nightmarish except for the music. All I can recall was feeling very angry and frightened all the time.” Read More ⇒

I will be voting for state Assemblyman Mark Walczyk to again represent us in the 116th District, the Front Yard of America. Assemblyman Walczyk has acquired an enormous amount of experience in his first term and has served us well in Albany. Mark knows, understands and has demonstrated what … Read More ⇒

Greg Storie’s opponent insists that her experience makes her the better candidate for our St. Lawrence County Court judge. When I first heard that, I immediately thought of a famous quote from sports: “I’ll take talent over experience any day!” That quote makes such resounding good sense and… Read More ⇒

As a 22-year-old California native, I never would have thought that I would be participating in a campaign race in Northern New York. In fact, I hadn’t given much thought about what lies between New York City and the Canadian border. Read More ⇒

I was a lifelong Republican who served more than 20 years in the military. I deployed to Desert Storm as a first sergeant for the Tanker Task Force. We served alongside an international coalition, whose members came together to repel the fascist takeover of Kuwait. I served in South Korea wi… Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik does not condemn President Donald Trump’s dissing of American soldiers; she does not condemn his silence reports pertaining to Vladimir Putin’s potential targeting of American soldiers in Afganistan; she does not condemn his waffling on accepting the November electio… Read More ⇒

The St. Lawrence Republican County Committee worked very hard last winter to recruit respected, qualified individuals to run for public office. Registered Republicans put our candidates on the November 2020 ballot by carrying petitions, holding caucuses or by voting in the primary election p… Read More ⇒

Save the River/Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper has been recommending a program of testing wastewater for the novel coronavirus to the leaders of our riverfront communities. When properly administered, these relatively inexpensive tests can indicate the presence of the coronavirus in a communi… Read More ⇒

In a few weeks, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, her Republican colleagues and President Donald Trump are counting on the U.S. Supreme Court to deal the final blow to the Affordable Care Act; 20 million more Americans will lose their health insurance! Why destroy the life-saving ACA? Read More ⇒

Medical appointments that were not urgent were cancelled to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, therefore many women did not get their mammogram. Now that health care professionals can see patients again for routine care, we can get back to keeping up to date with breast cancer sc… Read More ⇒

I invite you to consider a vote for Alex Hammond of Waddington for state Assembly and offer my observations of his dedication to the north country. I do not live in Alex’s district, but our area has a united main school that is split between two towns covered by different representatives. Read More ⇒

In the north country, there is no stronger or more effective advocate for Fort Drum than U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. Since her very first day in office, Elise has consistently delivered the most significant wins for Fort Drum — over and over again. Read More ⇒