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Here’s unscientific evidence that people will act on information from the worst sources without verifying what is being said or the reason they are saying it.

While working as an election inspector on Tuesday, handing out ballots and reminding voters to turn them over and vote on the propositions being considered, almost all, definitely most, of those who responded to me, said something like, “Oh, yes; the three propositions.”

Well, there were five propositions. But if you thought there were only three, the only source of that misinformation was an advertisement paid for by the New York State Conservative Party.

It was not the only untruth claimed by the ad that played over and over again on local media, but I guess the Conservative Party got its money’s worth. And once again, the people voted against their own best interests.

The media, our guardians of democracy, failed to provide clear and accurate reporting to counter the distortions and lies. They just took the advertising revenues and washed their hands.

Karen Lago


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Pat Luppens

I had planned to vote for all but one of them. Unfortunately no one reminded me to turn the ballot over and, being a bit rushed, I didn't vote for or against. I have to wonder why the people at the polling place didn't remind me.


Mainly, the 3 propositions failed because the New York State Conservative Party launched a formidable attack against them, while the Democratic party essentially sat on its hands and let them.

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