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Today is our last day on The River before we head back to town, and all I can think of is the one person who first introduced me to The River, and to boating, and got me and my family to fall in love with our area and enjoy boating and water activities to the fullest for 15 years now.

Then my thoughts go to the one person who kept me in tennis and was always the first person willing to be my partner when I was always the weakest link. In 15 years he never complained once about my endless mistakes. Then I think about this gentleman who every single time we went to a restaurant he would pay for drinks, or even the full bill, for our men and women in uniform. This taught me a great appreciation of people who sacrifice their lives day in and day out for us.

All I can think of is the super proud dad who came with his son, dressed in his official Naval Academy uniform, to our hospital donors gathering event. I think about the New York state swimming champ who motivated his children to follow in his tracks, and they accomplished amazing records. I think about the excellent and very honest dentist I went to for 15 years who never did anything unless it was really needed. He was loved by everyone in his practice.

I think about a family man who relentlessly instilled his values from the first day we met him till the end, and how he spent all his vacations and quality time with his bride and two children. I think of the proud brother who was so appreciative of Gary’s service. A proud son who always honored his parents. I think about the sense of humor and the love of life and what it taught us to appreciate the beautiful things. I think about the strong Penn pride, especially the PENN 97 license plate that got my daughter super excited now that she goes to Penn. I think about all of us who have lost a husband, dad, son, brother, dentist, tennis and golf partner and, most importantly, a true friend. Andy, you will be so missed by all of us … until we meet again.

Cyril Mouaikel


Dr. Andrew E.C. Crossley, a dentist, was a well-known member of the Watertown community. He died Tuesday at the age of 53.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Dr. Crossley fixed my teeth more than once, when faced with my own battle with cancer an inability to pay his bill, I sent in $10 a week, till the bill was paid. Never charged with a late fee or a finance charge ,when the last payment made all I could say was thank you!

Don't know what happen to him, based on scant information & family privacy I can only assume the worst, I pray I am wrong. My deepest sympathies to his family & friends.

He was a gifted, talented, Dentist, & a good man. He will be missed by a community in dire need of more Dr. Crossley(s).



Thank you for this moving and inspiring tribute to Andy Crossley.

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