Bellor’s involvement has benefited Massena

Iran is accused of bombing a Saudi oil facility. Some in the United States are calling for a military response.

Why? Saudi Arabia and Iran are both oppressive regimes. There are no good guys here. Why would we put our sons and daughters, neighbors and friends in the middle of these two very nasty governments?

We certainly don’t have any money to spend on this fool’s errand. What we have is a $22 trillion federal debt. We simply can’t afford more money for wars that have nothing to do with us.

We no longer need Saudi Arabia’s oil. We are a net exporter of oil now. Saudi Arabia, however, is using our weapons to create a massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It is creating this violence. We can’t fix it. We surely should not be supporting it.

We need to get away from Saudi Arabia and its oil. It is poison: socially, politically, economically and environmentally. Any money spent on helping Saudi Arabia is wasted and leads only to more death and destruction.

Let’s not fight any more wars over oil. Such wars can only be lost: in lives, in treasure, in world standing. We need to stay out of this so that our kids and grandkids can read one day how our country made a smart, moral decision to protect their future.

Scott Shipley


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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If there is any military actions against Iran, then oi-rich #1 U.S. arms buyer has to handle it - not one drop of American blood for their oil, Saudi friendship, or bailout loans for Trump or Kushner. — Dan Francis

Holmes -- the real one

Good letter, Scott Shipley.


AGRee. Upvote. Also, big part of this is the US being energy independent. The ole trumper has done well on this.


Iran may be many things we are justified in disliking, but it was abiding by the multi-partite nuclear agreement until Trump decided to pull the US out of it, and reimposed sanctions.

The gist of that agreement, which five other sensible nations also thought was sensible, was that Iran's nuclear ambitions were pushed decades down the road, when the country might well be back in moderate hands.

But of course Trump believes any treaties or agreements in whose promulgation he was not involved are automatically bad ones. He just didn't "get" the gist, and I'm not surprised.

And by the way, we achieved oil independence during Obama's presidency.

Holmes -- the real one

Great comment, Newsjunkie39a.


Total support. Upvote.

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