Article on water-level issues was well done

The Watertown mayor’s race is turning out to be a violation of the voters’ rights. Yes, we understand that state election law allows for a primary in non-partisan race to narrow the field for the general election. Yes, the law states that the candidates with the two highest vote totals will run in the general election. The non-partisan race is turning out to be very partisan. Jude Seymour wants Jeff Smith to be the only candidate on the ballot because Smith is a registered Republican. Babette Hall wants Cody Horbacz and Allison Crossman on the ballot with Smith because Cody is a registered Democrat and will possibly win the race. That’s where we now have an issue.

The Jefferson County Board of Elections is now failing its duty. According to New York State Law Section 6209.2, the paper ballots are to be preserved for audits and/or full recount. Why are we not doing a full recount on the candidates who are tied for second? This needs to be done before any options are to be discussed or implemented. Not only that: the Board of Elections wants a court to decide before a full recount is even have done. What a cowardly act this is. The options may be the end result, but a full recount needs to be done first. The Jefferson County Board of Elections is hijacking the election process. Every voter in Watertown should be outraged by the Board of Elections deciding who will win the mayor’s race.

The Constitution Party represents our voters, the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law. Our position is that an immediate full recount should be conducted. Based on the recount, either Cody or Allison will move forward to the general election along with Smith or all three will move forward to the general election. We demand integrity in the election process for the mayor’s race in Watertown.

If you the voters are frustrated by the two-party system, join the Constitution Party. We will represent you in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. Visit our website at

Jeffrey French

Natural Bridge

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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What was it 218 to 218, hardly enough to call for a recount which most likely has been done already. Not hard to count 218 votes 2 or 4 times.


Jeffrey - You've managed to misstate my position, so let me help you: I don't believe that putting just one candidate on the general election ballot is the proper course of action. I believe that putting two candidates on the general election ballot is, but I don't know who the second person is -- so I'd like a judge to provide a mechanism for determining that individual. The reason we're not doing a full recount is because neither city nor state election law allows for it. To quote Allison Crossman's lawyer, "While calling for a full hand count or a full manual audit might make some individuals feel good, the law requires a demonstration that there was material discrepancies or flagrant irregularities that would affect the outcome of the election. Here, we are informed, there are no allegation of fraud, irregularities, machines failures or malfunctions. ... Simply stating the race is close, or tied, without the evidence required by the statute and decisional law of the highest court in this state is not enough to require a manual audit." If you want to look it up yourself, I'd suggest 6210.18 of the regs, 16-113 of the election law and Johnson v. Martins, 15 N.Y. 3d 584 (2010). It's simple to write a letter from Natural Bridge accusing the board of malfeasance. It's a lot more difficult to respect the city's elections law, state elections law, previous caselaw and do your job to the best of your ability.


Thank you for your response. is what you are stating in your rebuttal. Has an audit of the machines been accomplished as stated in the law? If so; what were the results? In a tie, these results could make a difference. My residency is not the issue and my opinion should not be demeaned. I own property in Watertown and writing my opinion is the only input to the city's election and policies that I have seeing how I cannot vote. At least you can respect my Constitutional right to do this. Again, I appreciated your response and I do realize your employment responsibilities are not easy; however it's the right of every citizen to question certain actions.


Can you check write in ballots? I've heard of at least one person who wrote in candidates even though they were on the ballot.

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