On Tuesday, vote for the most important person on the ballot — you!

You may not see your name, but look closely.

It is spelled “B-O-B” “E-L-S-N-E-R.”

A vote for Bob is a vote for you.

I have been married to Bob 38 years.

Along each stop where we lived, Bob has put the people in towns and cities first.

That may sound bad but it isn’t.

Bob knows how to balance our family’s welfare with yours.

We have never wanted; we just were not always first.

His kindness has touched thousands in many places we have lived.

This is one of the many reasons why I love him.

This is why I get upset when people like Steve O’Shaughnessy call him names and when Cortney Deshaies and others lie about his work and his record.

They do not know Bob, and they have no facts to point to.

Bob tells me it is just politics.

I do not agree.

These are just not nice people.

They are in my prayers nightly.

I ask Bob why he puts himself in such positions.

His answer is always, “For them.”

This means you.

Bob retired in April, and he was supposed to be my Bob.

Not yours.

I was looking forward to getting my husband back.

But Bob saw other unfilled needs and wanted to continue giving back to this town.

Because I love him, I support him and so I will continue to share him with you.

You could have no better person working for you than Bob.

So please on Tuesday, place a vote for yourself.

Vote Bob. Vote you.

Cindy Elsner


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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