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Finding cold, clear, accessible spring water along a U.S. highway, I believe, is a rare find! I know of only two such spots in the Northeastern United States.

One is on Route 2 in mid-New Hampshire. The other? On Route 11 in Gouverneur.

The New Hampshire accessible-to-the-public spring water comes out of a pipe in a stone wall with a catch basin underneath and enough space to pull off the road. I believe there is signage to the east and west of the spring to indicate good drinking water ahead.

In Gouverneur, the Blevins Team now owns the property around the spring water pipe. (It comes up out of the ground and the water flows away — the greener grass reveals its path.)

A large Dodge Ram truck is parked very close to the spring’s pipes. Accessibility has become an issue.

Don’t tell me that Blevins Auto & Truck Sales owns this spring. The spring was there long before the Blevins Team arrived on the scene.

This spring needs protection, an upgrade and a couple of signs east and west on Route 11 to indicate Gouverneur has and values such an uncommon resource.

Bobbie Lehigh


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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"Don't tell me that Blevins Auto & Truck Sales owns this spring." Then who does own this spring?

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