Duffy would represent us well in Assembly

Amidst the outcry for legislative measures that might stop or limit further mass shootings and gun violence, I believe we need to examine the circumstances more closely to see exactly what we are dealing with.

In the Uvalde mass shootings, first off, we had a door that was supposed to lock when closed that obviously malfunctioned and did not lock as it should have.

The implementation of more reliable mechanics likely would have foiled the shooter and caused him to at least rethink his intent.

Secondly, we had a failure of the deployed tactical team to provide suppressive fire and then close with the subject.

Any legislative remedy should be targeted toward addressing both of these failures and not limiting our Second Amendment rights unnecessarily.

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” — and as long as the bad guys have unfettered access to assault-style weapons, I believe it should be the right of the people to have access to them.

We live in uncertain times.

And the possibility of civil chaos, food uncertainty and the breakdown of law and order cannot be ruled out.

I believe responsible citizens should be entitled to own semi-automatic rifles to guard against this possibility.

I believe that is an effective response to those who say civilians are not entitled to military-style weapons.

Kevin Brennan


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hermit thrush

doors doors doors. no level of stupid is too low for the gun-worshipping right.


Absolutely! It’s not a gun problem. It’s a door problem.

And the possibility of civil chaos, food uncertainty and the breakdown of law and order cannot be ruled out.

So maybe you just need better doors. That’s your solution when it comes to schools and, I’m assuming, churches, supermarkets, outdoor concerts, nightclubs and every other place with mass shootings.

hermit thrush

why don't we simply adopt some of the measures which demonstrably work all around the rest of the world?

Joseph Savoca

"Uncertain times" for conservatives means that they want guns for insurrection, secession and rebellion.


This wasn't the only incident. What was the grocery store supposed to do? The states should regulate their militias in order to secure our free state.

Earnest Everhard

Seems to me having better howitzers is what is helping Ukraine, not so much AR15s. In uncertain times, if I need more than a .38 service revolver & a duck gun, a semi auto capable of discharging 100 rounds in 60 seconds frankly won’t do much for me.

It’s time to win one for the Gipper, and get behind weapons restrictions advocated by the great Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.

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