Acts of government are morally repugnant

As people of faith, we are called to act in certain ways. We are exhorted to care for one another and the Earth, to do justice, to refrain from hurting others and to acknowledge the supremacy of our creator. In the Christian tradition, as well as some others, we are also called to feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit prisoners, raise up the poor, tell the truth and love our neighbors as ourselves.

During the past three-and-a-half years, our government — with our money and in our name — has:

n Tried to take health care away from 22 million people.

n Responded to the novel coronavirus pandemic with lies and gross mismanagement, causing the deaths of thousands of Americans.

n Ripped young children away from their parents and locked them in cages.

n Stinted on post-hurricane relief to Puerto Rico, even though it is a U.S. territory and its people are American citizens.

n Given millionaires and billionaires huge tax breaks, while giving working families meager tax relief.

n Refused to hold Russia accountable for meddling in the 2016 election or for putting bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers.

n Cut the food stamp program and other safety net programs for low-income Americans.

n Ignored the urgent need to address the climate crisis and eviscerated regulations that keep our air and water clean.

n Abandoned, in the face of their enemies, the allies who helped us beat back ISIS in the Middle East.

n Stoked division, racism, extreme nationalism and abusive treatment of women, immigrants and refugees.

n Rewarded convicted felons who happened to be friends of the president with pardons, sentence commutations and other Get Out of Jail Free cards;

n Tried to take away protections under DACA for the “dreamers” who came to the United States as undocumented children but who have not yet obtained citizenship.

n Been led by a president who has told more than 20,000 lies to the American people.

The teachings of our faiths tell us that these acts — and many more we’ve witnessed — are wrong and morally repugnant. What might happen during the next four years if Donald Trump is re-elected? Our prayers are not enough: It is our votes that will heal the rift between the country we have become and the nation we aspire to be.

Henrietta Jordan

Keene Valley

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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But ye of little faith, disagree.


Herman's Hermit,

Regarding your 9:40AM comment re all whites have an inherent advantage: This is bunk. It is not racial. Somehow, Oprah, Obama, Beyonce, Jim Clyburn, and Michael Jordan have far surpassed my monetary and notoriety level. My "white advantage" combined with my dogged determination should have guaranteed me great notoriety and money, according to your bogus theory. Thank God most people have more sense than that.

hermit thrush

pitbull, i feel bad if this comes off as mean, but i also feel it is important to be forthright. you are part of a deeply stupid political movement. if i were in a race with usain bolt where he had to run 100 meters but i only had to run 80, then i would have an advantage over him, but i guarantee you, he would still win. having an advantage doesn't guarantee that one comes out ahead, it just makes it more likely. trump had an advantage over people like bill gates or jeff bezos by virtue of inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars from his father, but the latter two still managed to become far richer. it is wild that this has to be explained to you.




So generous of you, Mr. Bull, to have allowed the persons you mention to rise from the black population and attain distinction.

hermit thrush

excellent letter.


As a secular moralist I find the acts of the government morally repugnant.


Super letter. You state the moral case well. Trump's administration has been an abomination. Those that vote for Trump claim to have a moral stance, but, in my experience, it ends up being based on values that don't match up to reality and really is based on a psychological malaise of white victimization for most. They vote for Trump because they think "they" (Europeans, blacks, Mexicans, socialists, leftists, Black Lives Matter folk, college professors) are against us and taking what's rightfully ours. Fear is another motivator for them since they are afraid of losing privilege or losing whatever perceived status and advantages they have while never asking why they have this privilege in the first place--willful ignorance. This does not just include blue collar white voters with limited education. More privileged folks feel victimized too---my brother, for example, a wealthy retiree, believes that Biden will increase his taxes and give it to those who have not worked for it (those "others"). The structural racism that makes it impossible for people of color to get ahead is invisible to him--that his success is significantly due to structural societal reasons, not just talent and hard work (the American dream narrative). For example, he went to a nice private high school with no black people attending and who never seemed to have access to enter. That exclusive education allowed him to get ahead and into an Ivy League college in the 60s. (By the way, it was Albany Academy in the 60s, the same school Elise Stefanik was "lucky" enough to attend. Hope it was more diverse when she was there, but it doesn't seem so given 60 years have passed since my brother (and myself) attended! According to what I found, Albany Academies have 5.9% African American students, significantly below the national average in terms of population (African Americans are 12.7% nationally. That's not an accident but a good example of structural inequality and it needs to be addressed). It is a moral imperative that we end these social structural inequality, and oppression of the many to privilege just the few.


Sarorimark, you pontificate alot about privelege, but you're missing the mark. If I was to use your methods I would berate you like you are my enemy. You, after all, went to private high school and college. I attended public high school and six state universities in the pursuit of my BS, MBA, and MAT. None of it was handed to me. I live in an area filled with trailers. Most, if not all, are white people who have had zero racial advantage that you claim is all around us. Structural inequality is not racial, it's based on class. That's how Malia and Sasha Obama went to Yale (or whatever they now will change it to) after they attended private high school, like you. Perhaps one of your biggest logic failures is to equate equal results with equal opportunity. Your 5.9%/12.7% comparison is just such an error. I sure hope that where you work or worked has at least 12.7% African American employees, even if in the North Country. Logic tells us that there are many reasons why this might not be true without jumping on the "structural racism" train.


Make no mistake about it, tRUMP and his supporters ARE my enemies.


There's lots of racism being practiced by people in power, and history shows that it has been even more blatant and systematic than now, like state sponsored terrorism on Black owned business. The demographics are clear: Black people are overwhelmingly dirt poor and it can be laid directly at the step of policies that started them well behind the start line. But in fact, the way to correct this situation is not to compensate for past injustices (creating new injustices) but to correct for current inequities, without regard for how they came about. Tax the rich to help the poor. If Black people are disproportionately poor (as they are) then they will be disproportionately helped. Systemic racial inequity is very real, but the solution is indeed class based.


You, rockloper and your periodic inflammatory statements are why discourse in America is in the gutter.

hermit thrush

"Most, if not all, are white people who have had zero racial advantage"

no! all white people in this country have a racial advantage. it may be the case that the people you're talking about haven't had a lot of advantages overall, but if so, they'd be even more disadvantaged if they weren't white.



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