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So according to Cynthia Graham’s letter of Dec. 19 (“Time for Republicans to embrace change”), the goal of the Republican Party “is to attack Democrats whose policies are to help the residents for the common good.”

Well, here are some of those Democratic policies from a Dec. 16 article in the Watertown Daily Times titled “Justice reform pushed in Albany”:

Elder parole — To require prisoners ages 55 and older who have served 15 years to be considered for parole regardless of their crime or sentence (so that must include cop killers, serial killers, child abusers/killers, etc).

New York for All — To end local law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Decriminalize sex work and the possession and sale of syringes (predicted increase in human trafficking as well as drug use).

Against construction of new jails.

Call for decarceration of jails and prisons (3,050 early releases so far this year).

Then throw in the Defund the Police and Dismantle the Police movements, plus crime forgiveness for poverty related crimes, and you’ve got the resulting record murder and crime rates we see today across the country.

Then we have an egotistical, ultra-liberal governor who runs the state billions into debt and expects the federal government and taxpayers to bail him out, using the novel coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for all of it.

And the Democratic veto-proof supermajority in state Legislature hands Emperor Cuomo nearly unlimited power and control over all state functions.

Calls by progressive democrats (AOC, The Squad, Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, etc.) to limit, defund or eliminate ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection only opens the door to mass illegal immigration, drugs, human trafficking and smuggling.

If anything, this country needs (and wants) stricter law enforcement, more officers and more respect for those officers and all that they do for us every day!

But no, lets tear down more statues, riot in the streets for any reason, burn and loot and show complete intolerance of any non-liberal views (cancel culture).

Let’s change the name of Abraham Lincoln High School in California because Lincoln’s actions and policies showed he didn’t care about Black lives.

What drivel!

And this election got us a president who repeatedly refused to state his policies and agenda, stating he would reveal all that once he was elected.

Amazing! Yes, it certainly looks like these Democratic policies are “to help residents for the common good.”

Henry Nortz


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Hasta La Vista but probably not. Join me on ABC posting.

hermit thrush

this is a pretty amazing letter. on the one hand, mr. nortz lists some actual proposals from actual democrats, all of which are pretty sensible. (heaven forbid parole be considered for older inmates.) and then he launches into a screed of lies from the fox cinematic universe. it can't be said enough, democrats -- the people actually in office, with power -- don't want to defund the police. if anything republicans are the ones defunding the police by refusing to send federal aid to states whose budgets have been walloped by the pandemic.


Well said, Henry! I see you have garnered the ire of the NNY Democrat commenters. That means you tickled a nerve or three. One is so verbose that he dominates every posting. One wants to rinse lettuce. And one has the nerve to say, "elections have consequences". I guess that doesn't apply to 2016 Dems who railed and railed against Trump. These people will stop at nothing and want to change our country into something we won't recognize. You wrote a nice piece. Disregard the pack of howling jackals. Merry Christmas!

hermit thrush

"That means you tickled a nerve or three."

it's true, people often react strongly to lies, mendacity, and stupidity.


If Henry is relying on you for backup he’s handcuffed to a ghost.


I guess that doesn't apply to 2016 Dems who railed and railed against Trump.

No Democrats tried to disenfranchise Trump voters. Hillary conceded the day after the election. That’s because she is a mature adult who loves this country. She is not a spoiled little baby like Trump is. He has less than 4 weeks left to inflict as much pain as he can on the country and is obviously going to do just that. And Trumpers like you will cheer and cheer him for it.


What’s the Republican agenda: No Covid relief and a government shutdown Monday?


Just want to point out that the Republican platform at their convention was literally whatever Trump says they’re good with. They had no platform. The Democrats did and it’s not the distortions in this letter.


Find actual platform here: https://democrats.org/where-we-stand/party-platform/


you’ve got the resulting record murder and crime rates we see today across the country.

Crime rates in this country have been going down for decades. I suppose the exception would be people surrounding Trump but they’ve all got Christmas pardons anyway. No law and order there. None for war criminals either. Trump seems to have a special affection for killers of non-White people.

Farmer Liz

And by the way, do tell us how you feel about your President pardoning felons, liars and kid-killers? All warm and fuzzy?

Farmer Liz

First of all, there are so many holes in your letter I could rinse lettuce in it. However, I really need to comment on your paragraph:

"But no, lets tear down more statues, riot in the streets for any reason, burn and loot and show complete intolerance of any non-liberal views (cancel culture)."

Yes, there were some looters and there was some violence; much was instigated by racist groups trying to make protesters look like rioters. The majority of the violence was carried out by anti-protesters. But stating that protests are happening "for any reason" completely dismisses the fact that police officers are killing black men and women at an alarming rate, using unnecessary force agains often innocent and/or unarmed people. Protesting against such behavior is what we need to right grievous wrongs against American citizens, and your treating it like it's a nuisance says more about you than any protesters.

hermit thrush



Bad timing by the author... criticizing prison releases the same time POTUS pardon's a mass of his cronies ... convicted murders...family members...etc.. If Henry had read the article on Lincoln High School...versus using Fox as his source.. he'd know it was Lincoln's position on native americans was behind that decision.... ill conceived decision IMO... BTW elections has consequences, live with it..

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