Unvaxxed nurses should leave profession

As a former resident of Sackets Harbor and Canton for a total of 24 years, I am embarrassed for the good people of the north country for the ridiculous comments by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik after she claimed at a news conference on July 27 that Nancy Pelosi “bears responsibility as speaker of the House for the tragedy that occurred on Jan. 6” and deriding her as “an authoritarian who has broken the people’s house.”

Apparently Ms. Stefanik is of the opinion that two Republican representatives who were opposed in the first place to the creation of the special committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol should have been seated on the commission when nominated by Kevin McCarthy. Those two representatives, Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio, signed a legal brief requesting that the U.S. Supreme Court reject the 2020 election results, and they opposed the creation of the special commission in the first place.

Also, Stefanik knows full well — or she should — that Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of the Capitol Police, but the Capitol Police Board is, which has oversight by committees of both the House and the Senate; and one member of that board resigned on Jan. 7. Stefanik is blowing smoke, and Northern New Yorkers who support her are getting the wool pulled over their eyes.

Scott Barton

Pelham, Mass.

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The far right and the far left are lost souls. There is no point in debating anything with either faction. But it is alarming to see what has happened to my former party. Born and raised Republican by a very conservative WWII veteran. I actually changed parties after he did because of the direction it was headed in. Very sad for America. I believe we need 2 strong parties and what I see coming in the midterms is not good for the Republican Party or for this country. In this case history will not repeat itself.


Nice letter. Thanks for the reminder about the nonsense of Pelosi being an authoritarian when Stefanik worked so hard with support for the TX lawsuit and her vote on 1/6 to install authoritarian government here. Does anyone truly believe that if Trump got a second term he’d leave at the end of 8 years? He’d have some justification. He talked about deserving extra time because of the Mueller investigation. That would be good enough for all his followers.

As families are preparing for Back to School this Fall, let me be clear —

No vaccine mandates for teachers

No vaccine mandates for students.

No mandates for anyone.

And unmask our kids!

That’s a tweet from Stefanik taking the same pro-Covid position as Ron DeSantis. She’s an embarrassment and a danger to the North Country. He went to Yale and she went to Harvard. It’s hard to believe they both don’t know how ill-advised their position is. Sure congresswoman, let’s turn NY-21 into the raging success that Florida is.


Believe it or not, Scott, many of us are embarrassed, too. Unfortunately, we live in a gerrymandered district where right now it's nearly impossible to get rid of her. But hope springs eternal.


Save your embarrassment, Barton. There's plenty of embarrassment fodder for you to chew on your lefty side. Elise represents me, I can tell you that. Here are some facts. Nancy Pelosi is a divider, a phony, and a fraud. Take a careful look if you can. Your party is hollow and clings to claims of racism to keep itself afloat. Hate is your fuel. Hence, the continuous attacks on Elise and hyperventilation about the former president. You can't even see that the CURRENT president can't even string a sentence together if its not written by someone else. The Chinese and Russians are tucking in their napkins and getting ready to eat our lunch and all you can do from your lofty perch in Massachusetts is attack our representative?


Letter nailed it.... if you want to know what it would be like to re-elect Trump...she's just an extension of his comments.... wing nut comments that play to the rallies lacking facts.. A reason why Covid is again an issue...

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