Like Trump, Stefanik offers empty words

After this morning’s news about non-citizens getting the privilege to vote in New York City, I am convinced we as a country have lost our direction.

My spouse was for many years a Green Card holder. When a woman was running for president, she decided it was time to vote

And to get that right, she had to become a citizen. There were 23 pages of information and questions, official photos, fingerprints, interviews and three trips to Syracuse.

Eight months later, she was sworn in as a citizen. For what?

We as a country think only in terms of which party is in power and how to keep it that way. When do we finally learn that nothing is free, not even citizenship? Wake up, America!

Mike Cannan


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Charlie McGrath

First you get non-citizens but residents who are dependent upon the government to vote for you because they get life from you. Then you can continue to seed the population with those new voters who have to vote for you if they want to eat. Then when there are enough of those voters to give you permanent power you can then give yourself permanent power and no one needs to vote anymore. Communism.


I have a hard time figuring out how this is supposed to work. When you register to vote, you have to swear you are a citizen. Are they going to have a separate form of registration?

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