The 2020 presidential election is now over. These past four years have been exhausting for all of us.

I have been actively involved in the political arena in many capacities for nearly all of my adult life. In all that time, I have never seen so much tension and acrimony among our elected officials and ordinary citizens.

We should not let our philosophical beliefs and strong opinions get in the way of relationships with family and friends. Unfortunately, that has been the case far too often, and the disagreements have become personal and extremely vicious. It is now time to put these differences aside and resume the civility in this country.

After the 2016 elections ended, I was asked if I thought the country would now become “more unified.” I answered that I did not foresee it. I did not want to be right about it.

Instead, the arguments got more heated and, those in the discussions, fiercely tried to convince the other that they were right. In most cases, in the end, no minds were changed no matter how much information was used to back up a point of view.

It has been especially bad on social media platforms. We have a president-elect who is actively seeking a resolution to all of the divisiveness in this country. But he cannot do it alone.

A month ago, then-candidate Joe Biden went to the Gettysburg National Military Park to address this issue. As most of you are aware, that was the site of one of the most brutal battles of the American Civil War.

While he was there, he proclaimed that he will be “A president for all Americans.” If this nation can recover from that conflict, we can certainly recover from these last four years.

We are so divided that starting in January, both houses of Congress will be near equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans in their respective chambers. Twenty years ago, the U.S. Senate was equally split.

Not long afterward, one party controlled one house and the other party controlled the second one. They made it work!

Starting in 2021, members of Congress will be in a similar situation again. They can make this work again!

So can all Americans. The novel coronavirus pandemic is still a serious problem and the entire nation needs to be united.

President Donald Trump motivated people to be more involved in our communities. Now it is my hope that they stay involved, contribute to the daily dialogue and seek common ground.

I supported President-Elect Joe Biden. In the interest of moving forward, I am abstaining from any Election Day celebrations on social media and in real life. With the holiday season approaching, now is a good time to mend fences and rebuild bridges.

Dan Farfaglia


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Charlie McGrath

The virus rhetoric is divisive. The virus was the once in 244 years chance to shift power from the people to the government. It has become the excuse to voluntarily give up our rights in exchange for more "security". The republicans should cooperate in the same spirit that the democrats cooperated with the Trump administration for the last 4 years. What was the uniting term that the democrats used? Oh yeah, "RESIST" I think they said. "Reimagining" was another beauty. I can't wait to see what happens!


The republicans should cooperate in the same spirit that the democrats cooperated with the Trump administration for the last 4 years.

Just to throw out an example of where Dems would’ve worked together with Trump is an infrastructure bill. Infrastructure week became a joke and an internet meme because the Greatest Dealmaker in history didn’t get it done. Where’s the terrific healthcare plan he promised? Democrats would’ve loved to work with him on that. He has no idea how government works and isn’t so hot at business either except when he’s able to cheat or beat down contractors and employees in court.

So, Republicans shouldn’t cooperate even though 2,000 people a day are now dying from coronavirus because Trumpy’s feelings are hurt over losing the election. BTW, I remember how well Republicans “cooperated” with Obama. Trump’s performance record is the fault of Trump. It’s nice of you to try to shift responsibility to the Democrats tho.

Joseph Savoca

Trump falsely accused Obama of treason, yet he is holding up the defense bill right now in order to continue to honor 10 Confederate generals who led an armed rebellion against the United States government in which 618,222 Americans died.


The Democrats caused this huge divide... it didn't start in 2016! Started around 2009


When Moscow Mitch said he wasn’t going to work with Obama because he wanted to make him a one-term president? When Joe [Wilson] stood and shouted “You lie” during a SOTU? With all the racist memes and birther theories shared by Republican politicians?

Yeah, it was Obama’s fault for getting elected.

(Edited by staff.)

hermit thrush

exactly, a democrat getting elected in 2009 was so traumatic for republicans that it made their heads explode.

i think a far savvier perspective on our politics is that our divisions go back to at least the 60s, and in many meaningful ways to times before that. for example, we have had strong racial divisions since before our founding.


Djp29.... come on dude! Seriously.. it's this type of convenient amnesia that is just bizarre and lacks comprehension ... You're citing the period when Mitch McConnell promised to make Obama a one term president... and did you also forget the "birther" issue?? The Dem's mistake was trying to impeach POTUS without the ability to do so... no different than the GOP attempting to impeach Clinton... Nothing sacred in politics DJP29... do your homework!

hermit thrush

why was it a mistake to impeach trump? just because senate republicans couldn't bring themselves to do the right thing, that's on them, not on democrats. it is important for the country for someone to stand up and say, what trump did is wrong!


Amnesia again CM??? maybe the Dems got the idea from ...Mitch McConnell who promised to make Obama a one term president... and did you also forget the "birther" issue?? Both side breed hypocrites... need to tone down and understand none of us were born yesterday... for every "got cha" on one side, there's one on the other... an eye for an eye just makes the world blind..


HT - IMO ...the impeachment attempt was DOA when the GOP controls the Senate... "if you shoot at the king, don't miss"... it had zero chance... no different than the GOP trying to impeach Clinton...another waste of time... In the end I don't think it moved an opinion one way or the other... we knew Trump's character and relationship with Putin without a vain impeachment trial..

hermit thrush

i agree that impeachment had no chance of getting through senate republicans, but i fervently disagree that that was a reason not to do it. in raw political terms, the historical precedents are for impeachment proceedings to do damage to the president's party (say hi to president gore for me). i actually don't think the public is widely aware of trump's corruption, and impeachment was an opportunity to drive that home. above all, if the democrats didn't choose to impeach over flagrantly impeachable conduct, then they would be condoning it, which is unacceptable. sometimes you simply have to do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.


Great letter. Unfortunately we still have divisions from the Civil War that we’re fighting over.


Yet here you are calling names..."Moscow" Mitch. It makes you no better than Trump. I am confident that the temperature will go down nationally...only if Biden makes it through his term. If he gives into the violent left, Harris, Cortez, Antifa, etc...the violence will get worse. We need Mr. Biden more than ever.


Oh yeah, I’m no better than Trump. I’d apologize to Mitch McConnell if I thought I hurt his feelings. And Harris is part of the “violent left?”

Happy to give you something to rail about.


The violent left hasn’t plotted to kidnap and execute any governors.


The violent left didn’t kill 9 people in a synagogue in Pennsylvania because they were all wound up over the caravans that disappeared right after the 2018 elections.

hermit thrush

good lord airball, calling harris and aoc violent -- what are you smoking? amazingly here you are chastising others for "calling names" and yet you indulge in far worse rhetoric.


Watch out, Airball. KrobbIns and hermit thrush just might pile on you and pummel you into submission in this post for diverging from pure "party opinions." I consider you a bridge between the right and left but I don't think those two can tolerate you as much as they can tolerate ANTIFA. You are right about the violence, of course. Now...just watch them respond to my post. They are sitting at their monitors 24/7 ready to pounce.

hermit thrush

pb, yes, believe it or not, this is a public discussion forum and people like krobbins and me post comments when we see something we disagree with. i can't believe how much of a snowflake you are, especially for a big touch ex-miliary guy/gal.


Good letter.... time will tell...the basic state of the economy is good...a vaccine is coming.. credit or blame will be debated ... praying for a better 2021...

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