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Dear U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party, including Democratic state governors:

We, the hard-working, conservative Americans who have worked so hard to make America great again, resent your attempts to buy us off with your offer of $2,000 a month to stay home away from the jobs we love and do so well. While some of your constituents might well take you up on it so they can sit on their couches watching Oprah Winfrey while eating ice cream and waiting for the checks to arrive, the better part of We the People want none of it.

What we want is for the government, including Big Brother and Big Sister, to let us do what we do best and what you do worst: run our own lives. You have kept great numbers of able-bodied, healthy Americans down and out with the jackboots of tyrants, which is what you have become. As you have witnessed, residents of several states have staged peaceful and responsible rebellions against your edicts that go against the very Constitution that all of you swore to uphold and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We the people are now waking up to the fact that you do not have our best interests at heart but desire to exercise total control. It is time to restart America now. Quarantines are for those who are sick, not for the more than 99 percent of Americans who are healthy, strong and ready to fire up the sputtering economy by returning to their businesses and workshops.

That’s what made America great before and will do so again. Just get out of our way and see what we can do despite your best efforts to derail the American economy months before the most crucial elections of our time. Signed: We the People who cannot be bought.

Dave Ellis


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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keyser soze

As a “hard-working, conservative American” who is quick to suppose that the “Democratic Party is trying to buy off constituents so they can sit on their couches watching Oprah Winfrey while eating ice cream and waiting for the checks to arrive,” I can only imagine how p.o.’d Dave Ellis must be about having such a slothful Commander in Chief.

That the president is an ignorant, insecure, narcissistic sociopath (and those are his good points) is a given. What is often left out of his many apparent foibles is his inherent laziness.

But here's the question Dave: would the Lazy Authoritarian be an ever bigger menace to our country, to the world, and to the entire planet if he worked really hard and applied himself at being an autocrat?

Are we not, perhaps, a little safer when his deeply disturbed mind is preoccupied with golfing or lying in bed diddling about the better part of the morning watching Fox & Friends in place of Oprah?

Here you go Dave, the Loafer in Chief… enjoy.

Trump Could Be Our Laziest President Ever, According to Leaked Schedules:

“… Axios has obtained leaked, private schedules of President Donald Trump showing how he’s spent his time over the past three months. According to the leaked schedules, our president has spent 60% of his “working” hours since the midterms in unstructured “Executive Time.”

Executive Time is supposed to consist of time in the Oval Office, but Trump wakes before 6 a.m. and doesn’t leave the residence for five hours. He spends that time, according to Axios, “watching TV, reading the papers, and responding to what he sees and reads by phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers.” And, we can safely assume, tweeting like a madman.

Then, usually around 11:00 or 11:30 a.m., the president finally gets off his a$$ and actually does some work, attending an intelligence briefing with his chief of staff. The idea for Executive Time, which during the three months the leaked schedules totaled 297 hours, came from former chief of staff John Kelly because of Trump’s disdain of regular schedules.”


Go ahead Comrade Clown.

No doubt what you do is so important that the lives of everyone else in the state fade into insignificance. What was it that you do that is SO important again?

Just don't expect normal, sane people to pay your medical bills or support your family after you cough out your last breath.

hermit thrush

whether he knows it or not, mr. ellis is calling for the death of millions of americans.

Holmes -- the real one

Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show


Get over yourself ellis.

Farmer Liz

Dave Ellis, sorry to see that you skipped class on science and social studies days in school. This pandemic has continued because the virus can be carried by asymptomatic carriers, those who are sick, and those who are getting sick but don't know it yet. This puts everyone at risk of contracting it. That's science. No amount of protesting will change the way this virus behaves. Moreover, your "right" to be out and about with fellow citizens can result in those you love - and those I love - getting sick and dying. Yes, we all need to get back to work and we want to do so. But the Constitution does not give me the "right" to expose my community to a deadly disease. I resent your suggestion that I want to stay on my couch eating ice cream and waiting for a check; I want to work in my career choice. But science says "not yet," and social studies says, "not my right to infect my fellow citizens." Take a break.

Holmes -- the real one

Farmer Liz -

Both of your comments are excellent -- Thank you for stating the facts so clearly.

The normal person (and incidentally as most farmers know, the normal animal) prefers to work for their sustenance far above just passively getting fed and sheltered. This is not a sign of some remarkable "hard working" mentality. Nor is it even remotely a "conservative" virtue -- it's just in the cognitive structure of all animals. Period.

With humans anyway, those who make active efforts to avoid or shun physical work (or to force someone else to do the work for them) tend to have what we call "character defects" of one sort or another. And yes, we do have some individuals in our communities with these sorts of problems, but the vast majority of folks are simply eager to get back to work.

Unfortunately, there are, in our immediate area, quite a few individuals who have a poor grasp of science, as you point out.

Further, some of these folks have opted to have someone else do their thinking for them. Kind of like cheating on a test -- and imagining that the grade is all that matters.

What actually matters is using your mind. Lazy thinking -- as in taking your views right off the TV (or cheating on your homework) leads to poor decisionmaking.

And when that is paired with dubious ethical behavior such as we are now seeing -- it could even potentially lead to the downfall of a nation.

keyser soze



Nailed it Farmer Liz.... this answers the question of why St Lawrence County has 3X the Covid cases than the neighboring counties.. No need to comment more, you've covered the rest of it..


One in five families in Hammond are on food stamps. Total population of Hammond: 271 and decreasing. Federal and state money pay for their roads and schools, as the population of Hammond is largely lazy welfare types and most don’t pay taxes.

More than three million more Americans didn’t want Trump. “We the people”? Noincredible levels of stupid here.

Farmer Liz

Wow, way to smear an entire town. I know many, many hard-working, tax-paying, educated, community-minded people from Hammond. Not such a Nice Commentator after all.


You know less than 271 people from

Hammond. Hammond soaks up lots and lots of tax dollars. A guy from a town of 271 welfare recipients is talking cr*p. There is a great saying “talk cr*p, get slapped”. I’m here to slap.

Farmer Liz

BTW, 271 is the school population in Hammond, not the general population.


He's never been a "nice commenter"


There is this incredibly pervasive and ignorant attitude that blames Albany for everything. Hammond is 100% supported by government, without “government checks” the town would die. Facts are facts.



Holmes -- the real one

Your first sentence is absolutely true.

But, "Nice_Commenter," your tendency to lump everyone into one basket, so to speak, severely weakens your argument.

You've done that repeatedly with your views on "baby boomers," and with other groups as well.

Here some dictionary definitions:

Prejudice is an unjustified or incorrect attitude (usually negative) towards an individual based solely on the individual's membership of a social group.

We can contrast that with bias --

Bias is the inclination or prejudice for (or against) one person or group or concept, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

When a person chooses to align themselves with a particular group (say, they tell you that they identify themselves as a “Christian” or a “Republican,” it is reasonable to expect that that they adhere to what one might call the distinguishing features of that group.

Bottom line, people are allowed to identify themselves. ALL people who live in a certain area, who have a certain color of skin, who are a certain age or height or other physical feature --- ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SAME.

“Nice_Commenter” – when you choose to attack all residents of an area in the way you do here you are doing the very same thing that poor thinking Dave Ellis does here. Is that what you really want to convey?


I am very comfortable saying that the average resident of Hammond is a Republican that is willfully ignorant of the fact that they live in a community supported by tax dollars from NYC. Many North Country types think their taxes go downstate! Hammond just got a new water treatment plant, think the taxes of 271 people paid for that? They like Rush Limbaugh, lets talk about Hammond in the Rush Limbaugh style. They love it!

Holmes -- the real one


Saying that the average resident of Hammond is a Republican is probably, I would guess, absolutely correct. I too would doubt that they have any sense that they are supported by NYC tax dollars -- it is likely that they think just the opposite. most North Country residents seem to think that way. If there is one subject that they tend to run into the ground it is that they pay too much in taxes and that they "resent paying for NYC." Most people I have encountered are quite resistant to looking at the facts if it would mean thinking otherwise.

Rush Limbaugh is a horrible influence on them, no doubt. He's behaved as a horrible person for a long time.

No argument with your whatsoever on any of that.

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