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It is nothing but an old retired New England fishing boat named Anna. But this Anna has a unique, mesmerizing beauty.

Is it her color? Is it her weathered exterior?

Is it her stance?

Is it the unanswered questions that surround her?

Small village stories and myths abound.

“Is she an old Cape Vincent pilot boat? Is she a pirate boat or a 1920s rum runner gone to seed? Did she fish Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence? Where did she come from? Who brought her here? How did she come to be in Cape Vincent at all?”

She was brought here from New Haven, Conn., by two north country men to be used as a tender boat for their dive and recovery business.

She did that for a time but proved to be an unwilling partner.

Anna excelled at being pretty but was slow and small, and she needed repair work, maintenance and a rest.

She was pulled up “on the hard” in 2002.

She has been sitting for nearly 20 years, mainly forgotten, beside the Anchor Marina on Cape Vincent’s main street.

But over the years, friends and foes, artists and photographers, amateur and professional, have taken to pen and paper, canvas and paints to capture her image and share her mysterious beauty with their world.

There is just something mysterious about Anna.

Most recently, hundreds of Anna fans have come forth wanting somehow to save her from certain death.

Perhaps she could be moved to village property as she garners more and more interest every day.

She is on private property, and that fact and right must be observed, honored and not violated.

My hope is to raise enough interest to stabilize Anna. And with support from the village of Cape Vincent, we want to have her professionally moved to a public location where she can be more properly seated, her deterioration slowed or even halted, where she can retire in peace to a new life of adoration and photographic bliss.

To accomplish that it will take one person or a small, keen group to catch the vision, form a proper, viable “Save Anna Plan,” garner village support and go for it.

When that happens, financial goals need to be set, start fundraising, look for donations and start a GoFundMe “Save Anna” account.

It will take awhile, but it can be done.

I, for one, am in!

Stephen Shay


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I share your thoughts on this too. I love seeing Anna sitting there, and would be so happy to see her restored to her former beauty. You might want to contact the ladies who own the restaurant across the street, Coal Docks, Marcie Barth and Carrie Marie. I think they would also be on board with this idea. Thank you.

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