Duvé has experience to be county judge

They always were there for me. Cheerful, reliable, decent. Not a con man, sex offender or compulsive liar among them.

The kind of folks who more than likely pull over and yank your car out of a snowdrift. Even if they didn’t know you.

Partly because that’s the way they are, and partly because they were a bit more likely than my liberal friends to own a 4-by-4 with good snows, a chain in the bed and knowledge of how to use them. My Trumpy friends.

It was the John McCain thing that began my descent into broken-hearted reality.

“He’s not a war hero. He was hero because he was captured. … I like people who weren’t captured,” said Donald Trump.

I said to my naïve self back in 2015, “Well that’s the end of that draft-dodging, science-denying, Putin-worshipping, con-man’s political career.”

Such a fool was I then.

To say that John McCain, who flew 23 missions over North Vietnam, was shot down, captured, imprisoned five and a half years, repeatedly and horribly tortured, refused offers of early release was not a hero. Who would believe that? Who would vote for the creep who said it?

And if McCain was not a hero, what about the 687 other American POWs and 1,600 MIAs (remember MIAs?) from Vietnam? Also not heroes? And the thousands, freezing in Korean prison camps in 1951?

Or murdered on the Bataan Death March in 1942, or dying in the muck of Andersonville Prison in 1864? And the KIAs, from 1776 to Putin’s reported bounties last year? And the maimed.

Didn’t get away.

Suckers. Losers, said Trump.

So, in her grinning silence, agrees Elise Stefanik.

And so do my wonderful Trumpy friends, I guess.

Phil Newton

Saranac Lake

The writer is served in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam in 1967-68 and is a retired member of the Vermont Army National Guard.

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Great letter.. pretty much says a lot... The problem is it won't resonate with the Trumpers...for whatever reason, and this includes friends, they ignore such facts, drank the cool aid... and for whatever personal reasons, ignore such comments. Putting party ahead of everything...


It's not necessarily pure selfishness. Most evil considers itself the lesser evil. We must accept gun deaths for freedom. We must sacrifice women's freedom for fetus lives. Fear for others (for the victims of a future totalitarian state, or for unborn children) is selfless, it's just cognitively distorted because it relies on blowing some things out of proportion and diminishing others.


Why care about anything beyond yourself? Your self is telling you it should be the be all end all. That's empirical evidence, but other premises of all values are possible, and equally supportable. Certainly, those who sacrifice for the common good, in war and in other endeavors, are trained for it, but they would never have been trainable had they not already held some freely accepted openness to the idea that what matters may not end at their own skin. Objectively speaking, why should it? The larger logically IS more important, it just seems less so because of the illusion of perspective. Things closer aren't actually larger. Your hand is not larger than the moon.

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