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There was a great article by Abraham Kenmore in the June 25 edition of the Watertown Daily Times titled “Tedra Cobb critical of Stefanik on health care.” The article was fair and balanced — and I don’t mean “fair and balanced” as defined by Fox News, but actually fair and actually balanced in keeping with good journalistic practice.

It seems that Tedra Cobb was hoping that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik would vote for passage of Amendment 89-H.R. 3055. And I, as a Stefanik constituent, was looking forward to an “Aye” vote as well. To my dismay, that didn’t happen. And the resulting criticism by Ms. Cobb was forthcoming.

Good journalism, of course, required Mr. Kenmore to ask the Stefanik office for comment, and that’s when a very informative, well-written article — through no fault of Mr. Kenmore — took a nose dive. Lenny Alcivar, a mean-spirited, bellicose, professional character hit man from the Stefanik campaign, accused Ms. Cobb of supporting the banning of guns and of being dishonest about what she supports. He also resumed the lame, uncreative and totally stale and untrue name calling that was as childish last year as it is today.

Come on, Mr. Alcivar, stop ruining good newspaper articles with your hateful and blatantly false rhetoric. Give us a break!

Jerry Senecal


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Politics is a down and dirty game and Lenny appears to know the ropes. One could say its not how you get elected its what you do if you get elected. Stefanik IMO is a proven PRO she knows what she is doing. Eloise Stefanik for U.S. Congress.

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